7 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

A proper working garbage disposal unit gets rid of smelly, dirty leftovers and expired food items. But if without proper care, a garbage disposal unit won’t be able to do any of that. That’s because these devices will either be clogged up or jammed during that time. Not even the best garbage disposal out there is immune to eventual wear and tear. And if nothing is done, it will leave your kitchen dirty and smelly, not to mention, make landfills an even bigger mess than before.

Therefore, you need to properly maintain your garbage disposal to prevent any of the aforementioned catastrophes. Fortunately, we’ve prepared the following easy tips to get you started:

1. Avoid Putting Starchy or Fibrous Items in the Disposal

Both these items are bad for your disposal as fibers cause your machine to get tangled whereas starches get thick. The following are some of the items in this point that most either be cut into smaller pieces or simply prevented from being put into your garbage disposal unit:

● Celery

● Banana peels

● Artichokes

● Corn cobs or corn husks

● Potato peelings

● Hard seeds and fruit pits from peaches and avocados

● Coffee filters or coffee grounds (in quantity)

2. Run Your Disposal Regularly

Another way to maintain your garbage disposal is to run it on a regular basis so that it continues to function well. This must be done even if you

have nothing to grind. Just turn the water on and run the disposal to make sure the parts are still working. If you don’t do this, the parts may rust, corrode or freeze up. And any leftover in the disposal unit will harden, leading to unpleasant odors and clogs.

3. Don’t Put Anything Hard in the Disposal

If you put any hard for items in the disposal unit, the device’s shredder will become dull and less efficient. In fact, small hard objects can also get stuck and jam the rotating parts.

Every garbage disposal unit comes with its own hardness capacity. A more expensive model has a higher hardness capacity. Even still, every garbage disposal comes with an instruction manual that mentions a list of items users must avoid putting into the unit. Experience can also help users learn what to put into the device and whatnot.

Anything harder than what the garbage disposal can handle must be put into your trash can or a composting bin. Items to avoid include:

● Hard bones

● Unpopped popcorn kernels

● Hard shells from crabs, shrimps and other shellfish

4. Use Cold Water

Hot water is usually an easy pick for many things but when it comes to cleaning and maintaining garbage disposals, cold water is more appropriate. The reason for this is because hot water melts food in the disposal, which then allows the waste to cling to the unit’s sides.

Coldwater, on the other hand, hardens food, which makes it easier for the device to grind and push out of the drain pipe.

5. Don’t Put Trash Into the Disposer

Common sense should be enough to tell you that non-food or non-biodegradable items can’t go into the disposer. But in case you get any ideas, but refrain yourself from throwing these items into your device:

● Hair

● Grease

● Utensils

● Screws, nails, and glass

● Pull tabs, twist ties and rubber bands

● Bottle caps, cigarette butts, plastic, paper or other trash

● Flower or plant clippings

● String, fabric, sponges or rags

● Children’s toys

6. Run the Disposal Longer

Once the waste is out of the drain, keep the disposer and the cold water running for about 30 to 60 seconds. This way, you can ensure that nothing is left to cause clogs or jams.

You can also use a bit of dish soap with cold water to flush down the drain some more after you’ve finished grinding up the waste. This is a more effective way of cleaning out any waste that may be clinging to the sides.

7. Grind Citrus Fruit

Coldwater and soap are good enough for a nice clean job, but citrus elements provide that extra cleanliness to it. You can use peels from oranges, limes or lemon to clean your disposer. The peels not only clean out excess waste but also give your disposer a nice fresh smell.

There are many high-quality garbage disposal units out there from renowned brands, but we recommend you get a badger garbage disposal as it’s not only highly functional and one of the best in terms of quality, but it’s also quite affordable.

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