Why Roof Leaks Can Lead to Severe Home Damage, So Call a Roofer Fast

A leaky roof can be attributed to many factors, including the effects of weather elements, delayed maintenance, poor workmanship during installation or the use of substandard materials. What can start as a simple leak, has the potential to turn into damages that lead to huge repair costs as well as safety and health hazards. Many households have incurred heavy damages in their homes as a result of neglected leaks. Here are some reasons why roof leaks can lead to severe damages, which means you should call a roofer as fast as you can.

Sully Ceiling

After slipping through the attic, the water lands squarely on the ceiling. The cost of putting up a ceiling can be high, and the last thing you would want for your home is to deal with anything that can cause the defacing of the ceiling. This water causes the paint to wear off, the ceiling board to deform and if not addressed on time, the ceiling boards can cave in, posing dangers to occupants of the house. The good news is that this can be controlled at very early stages of the leak. By engaging an Authentic Restoration of Noblesville you can avert these structural and financial risks if you hail from Indiana.

Electrocution and Potential Fires

Electrical conduits pass through ceiling boards in most homes and the immediate threat is sipping water from the rooftop. Since water is a good conductor of electricity, all efforts should be made to ensure there will be no contact between water and electricity in a house. Any time a home is having a roof leaks, the entire household is exposed to potential fires emanating from electrical short-circuits in addition to electrical shocks.

Susceptibility to Infection

Damp environments caused by roof leaks are a perfect breeding ground for fungi, mold, and mildew. When inhaled, mildew can cause throat infections, allergies, and respiratory diseases. Mold can spread on the carpets, furniture, and clothing, causing extensive damage. The cost of cleaning mold and mildew effects is expensive and, therefore, it’s necessary to intervene early and engage the services of professional roofers.

High Energy Bill

Drying up the accumulated humidity on insulation takes long. The continuous exposure to dampness from the leaks can lead to depletion of insulation in the house, causing the house to be more susceptible to losing hot/cold air easily. This pushes up the utility bills from electricity/generators. A household can reduce such costs by engaging a roofer early enough when the leaks are identified.


The soaking water may find its way into the living area, forming puddles, which may put the occupants at a higher risk of falling, especially to children who like to run in the house. Injuries from such falls may cause a household to incur unexpected medical bills. Such risks and expenditures are avoidable with timely engagement of services of roofers.

Weak Structures

As the walls absorb water from the leaking roofs, they weaken, thus compromising the integrity of the entire structure. The cost of major renovations on the house can be exorbitant, which is why prevention is the most economical decision to take.

The damage from roof leaks cannot be underestimated. It has far-reaching implications on the structural soundness of the building, not forgetting other associated risks. However, it is possible to mitigate all these damages at an early stage through the services of professional roofers.

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