What is Global Montessori Plus Programme and how does it benefit expat kids

One expat parent to another – it can be frustrating to find a school in your area that suits your child’s learning needs perfectly. There’s the location to consider, the school’s worth, the staff, facilities, as well as its offered curricula. All these are factors that you need to consider before enrolling your kids – and the latter of which can heavily affects his or her development.

So, what is the Global Montessori Plus Programme? In a nutshell, it is an award-winning programme that offers a combination of the reputed Montessori method with best practices of modern pre-school education. Initiated by GIIS, it is currently the only international pre-school curriculum of its kind and utilizes five pillars that provides preschoolers a strong foundation in their student life.

Accelerated literacy and numeracy programme emphasises on fluency in the four major skills of language, which includes Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing or LSRW. The programme also concentrates on accelerated numeracy or Math skills.

Multi-faceted learning aims to boost multiple intelligences in every child. Knowing that each child is different, it is intended to nurture intrinsic personality traits by addressing all eight intellectual capacities of the brain (also called Multiple intelligences). This tactic promotes the holistic growth of the child.

iCare Programme is designed at sensitising children towards the community and the environment. Participation is key to evolving bonds and hence under iCare children are stimulated to get involved in activities that call for communication with community members or the environment. Under iCare universal values like honesty, integrity, punctuality, and kindness are also taught at a young age to build character.

iPlay Programme. Children continually interact with their environment and absorb it, especially through processes like assimilation and accommodation of data. The freedom to make choices about what they prefer to play, how they want to play and whom they want to play with allows children to learn skills such as co-operation, management, and independence.

Future-ready programme has been designed to provide an early start to young children to key disciplines of the 21st century. By presenting students to the fun side of Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, this teaches them to love these STREAMs in a fun and enjoyable way. In the process, kindergarten students learn the basics of the subjects and grow an understanding of logic.

The adoption of a dynamic, hands-on approach to teaching young learners inspires active participation and creativity, while directed active play and interaction promote social skills and help young learners develop vital mental capabilities, such as spatial awareness and critical thinking.

What is the “Plus”?

“The Plus” is based on GMP’s compelling value proposition and its customization of Maria Montessori’s method via the integration of original theory and modern research and insights. In fusing the essentials of formal learning with the modern innovative learning tools, the methodology offers unique and extraordinary growth and growth opportunities for students.

As an expat parent, you naturally want the best education a school in your current vicinity offers for your child without him or her feeling too culturally dominated. GIIS is one of the top international preschools in Singapore that offers the Global Montessori Plus Program as well as the full benefits of enrolling in a child-friendly environment which focuses on personal development while building academic expertise.

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