How To Market Your Small Mom-Run Business

When you’re a Mom, especially if you’ve been a stay-at-home Mom for a while, you reach that point where you really want to do something new. For a lot of people, this means opening up a small business – whether that’s one that sells arts and crafts, cakes, or clothing – or perhaps you want to opt for something totally unique. Whatever you do, you need to market your small business, in order to kickstart your dreams. Here’s how you can do it.

Put on a small event in your home

If you want to make sure that people’s interest is initially piqued, then you could put on a small event in your home. Invite some of your friends, and some of the people in the local area who fall into your target demographic, and spend a while explaining your product to them. Then, there is room for questions, and conversation surrounding the product. This will, needless to say, really help you to establish yourself a little. Of course, if you really want it to be a success, then you can go all out, and hire a venue, get other businesses involved, and even hire the best magician out there if you want to give guests something to remember (a good marketing ploy, huh?).

Talk to other Moms

Needless to say, your small business is more likely to be a success if you’re well-connected, and you can market yourself well. Think: elevator pitch, but more like: school gates pitch. Encouraging discussion via word-of-mouth is a great way to get your business recognized, and even though it’s 2019, there’s nothing like it. This way, you may also meet people who can collaborate with you on your business ideas, or you could find somebody who offers services that can help you (perhaps for a fraction of the cost). Don’t underestimate the importance of networking for a small business, as it could be the difference between striving, and failing.

Take to social media

Aah, social media. Whilst a lot of people create Facebook accounts so that they can complain about the weather, or tell you what they’re having for dinner, the site does have its uses for businesses. Try Facebook playable ads these Facebook  carousel ad hacks. Other sites, such as Instagram, also have business uses. Start creating your accounts and posting regularly, so that you begin to establish yourself as a brand. Keep it professional, get a logo created, and encourage your customers to follow the accounts. Using paid ads can also be a great idea, especially if you want to extend your reach to the right demographic. Speak to a social media specialist if you’re not sure how to do all of this!

So, if you want to market your small, Mom-run business, then keep these things in mind. It’s a great idea to stick to word-of-mouth, or to put on an event in your home, but equally, social media is a great tool for increasing your customer base. Enjoy the process of starting up your own business, and the freedom that it will give you as a Mom!

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