Fixer Upper Fundamentals For Your Consideration

Side hustles are booming, as people choose to be a little more proactive with their disposable cash to make it work more aggressively for them. While savings accounts are reliable and a sure fire way of making a tidy bit of interest, the return on your cash is hardly lucrative. Many people choose to invest their cash into property as bricks and mortar is seen as a safe bet, if you purchase at the right price. Getting your hands on a fixer upper to renovate, relist and sell at a tidy profit can be empowering. However, it is not as simple as many renovation shows would lead you to believe. Take a look at these fixer upper fundamentals that you need to be aware of.

Structural Issues

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a fixer upper at auction or through the more traditional real estate route, there may be a range of structural aspects that you need to be aware of before you part with your cash. Subsidence or underpinning of the foundations should ring alarm bells, and you should never buy a property that’s undergone this no matter how much of a bargain it seems. You won’t be able to shift it once renovated.

Instead, look at those properties with only the most basic structural problems that are easy to fix. You might need some new roofing if there is a damp issue. You might need a damp course if there is rising damp in the basement. Or you might require new glazing if there are odd drafts or leaky seals. These are easy to fix, and will increase the value of the pad that you try to sell at the end of the renovation process.


It’s vital that the home you buy has all relevant utilities connected. This can take time to organize, but it is crucial to ensure that you realize the ceiling price for the humble abode. Hook up to the latest cable, ensure that WiFi connections are ready to go, and make sure water, electricity and gas is connected. This will allow you to install a gas hob, electric oven and any networked systems throughout the home. This will help to future proof the dwelling, and help you to attract the millennial clientele who want the latest mod cons for their homes.

Be Objective

Forget the avocado suite that you have always wanted for your own bathroom, and the red high gloss kitchen that you’ve always adored. These are much too subjective and personal. Remember, you aren’t renovating your own home, you are creating a lifestyle and space for your potential buyers. You need to seduce them with a blank canvas that allows them to make their own mark on the home decor and style. While boring for you, and you may have to rein in your love of color, you will be making a greater profit. This is a business side hustle venture, not a personal project.

The aim of a fixer upper renovation is to make money to top up your savings or retirement fund, so make sure that you don’t lose sight of this. Buy well, list at the right price and sell quickly to make your fixer upper venture a success.

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