5 Tips to Choose the Best Outdoor Swings with Canopy

Porch swings are inventions that continue to appeal as inventors keep up with the demand. You are impressed by the designs out there but are unsure of how to go about getting the best fit for you. Worry not, because we compiled the top 5 tips to consider when choosing outdoor swings with a canopy:

1. Safety First

For every piece of furniture you purchase for your home, safety is a prime concern and so is the case when it comes to picking your canopy swing. Pick materials that are sturdy and will ensure maximum support for your use. Contact a local canopy swing expert for more patio swings installation tips.

2. How Durable Is It

The next thing that should come to your mind is the length you wish to use the swing in question. The materials used to build the swing should be those that promise longevity considering the intensity of use and its outdoors location. The frame, seat and canopy materials should all be considered during this process.

3. Climate Changes

This also boils down to the choice of material. You want swings that will withstand even the harshest climates. The following are the materials found in the market and their different advantages in regards to climate change:

· Plastic: It is able to withstand rain, snow and is easy to clean

· Iron: Able to withstand snow cover and harsh winds due to its sturdiness

· Wood: Wooden swings are very popular and to be able to overcome the harsh weather conditions, they can be coated with waterproof sealants to ensure longevity. For instance, cedar performs well in a wet climate when coated with waterproof sealants.

4. Design of your Home

The fun part about choosing an outdoors swing must be picking a design that fits your style. This is where the color and style in your surrounding comes to play. Luckily for you, the market is loaded with designs that will leave you spoilt for choice. Whether you are going for a rustic, contemporary or classic design, you should find one that fits your overall décor. For instance, if you are looking for a traditional décor that never goes out of fashion, wooden swings will probably be the best bet. There are a wide range of swings made of a variety of woods but cedar is always the best option for outdoors.

5. Comfort is a Must

What would be the point of spending so much time considering all the above options only for the end product to be another enemy for your back? The idea of picking an outdoor swing in the first place was to enjoy nature in a shaded comfortable position. Ensure your swing delivers on its promise of comfort and enjoy your new purchase.


Canopy swings are a great choice when you want to spend time outdoors but at the same time remain protected from the harmful UV rays. The above tips will help you when choosing a canopy swing which will meet all your requirements.

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