Dishing The Dirt On Why Your Laundry Is Never As Clean As You’d Like It

Nothing’s more frustrating than doing a load of laundry, only to find that it’s still dirty when you hang it out to dry. At the very least, this can stop you from wearing your favorite items. It can also cause issues from a health perspective if left unchecked. Not to mention that it means more work for you down the line. Putting a wash straight back in won’t even necessarily solve anything. The chances are that you’ll still see soiled clothes at the end of things. Keep on going, and you’re sure to waste endless water and detergent supplies.

If you start to notice that your washing isn’t as clean as you’d like it, then, it’s vital that you take action straight away. In reality, there are usually some pretty obvious reasons for this happening. If your fabrics have got you fed up right now, keep reading to find out what you can do about it.

Clean your washing machine

Your machine should always be your first port of call when washing goes wrong. Believe it or not, washing machines need regular washing. We aren’t just talking about when they do their thing, either. While a regular wash will clean your machine to some extent, you should dedicate yourself to this task at least once a month. The majority of modern washing machines have a setting devoted to cleaning. If yours doesn’t, merely set it on a medium wash with no clothes. By including a cup of white vinegar into the machine each time, you can keep things clean for a long time to come. Neglect this aspect of care, and it’s no wonder your clothes smell a bit funny when they come out of the thing.

Use less detergent

Given that detergent helps to clean our clothes, you would think more would be probably better. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If your clothes never seem as clean as you’d like, it may well be that you’re overdoing your detergent. To tackle the problem, use only the recommended amount, preferably of a natural and fragrance-free laundry detergent. As soon as you start overdoing things, you may find that your clothes develop strange marks. Far from cleaning things up, too much detergent over time can even fade clothes or cause patches. Make sure that never happens by always sticking to recommended doses from now on.

Put fewer clothes in each loadIf neither of the above makes a difference, it’s time to consider how many clothes you put in each load. While drum sizes vary, no machine has an unlimited capacity. By overloading each wash you put on, you prevent anything from getting as clean as you might like. There’s no way your machine can remove stains if the water has no room to circulate. Instead, you’ll find that your clothes come out as dirty as they went in. To test this theory, try halving your loads and see how much cleaner your clothes are as a result.

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