Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover Review + Other Summer Infant Products We Love

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I was a little slow to take Thaxton out places.  With this daily cycle of naps and bottles, it never seemed to be an ideal time, and I just don’t want to be the person at the store with the fussing baby.  It would have stressed me out, and I know it wouldn’t have been fun for Thaxton either.  I know people take babies out all the time; I’ve been shopping myself and have seen people with their sleeping newborn in the cart or in a carrier.  It’s just not my thing!  So for the most part, my husband did the majority of the shopping last year.

Now that Thaxton is 15 months old and only takes one nap a day, we have plenty of time to go shopping and do other activities with him.  Last fall I purchased the Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover, and we love it!  I actually spent a lot of time looking at cart covers.  In fact, I looked at cart covers more than almost any other baby item.  One day I was looking at Instagram, and I saw someone had posted a photo of this lovely blue cover, I clicked and found out it was the same cover I’d been looking at for months, only in a different color. (The one I had saved in my cart was grey and green.)  I made up my mind and decide to purchase it!

When it came in the mail, Thaxton just seem to know it was for him! Haha!  I took it out and was impressed by the quality and great color.  I wanted something pretty and kind of neutral, as I’d like to be able to use this same cover if we had another baby and it’s a girl.

I had also seen so many covers that were almost completely white, or had designs that screamed “newborn,” and so I loved this modern design with color that really popped!

The cart cover is a great size and fits well in most carts.  We’ve used this at Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Aldi.  Our Aldi recently upgraded to some extra large carts, big enough to seat two children up top, but we’re still able to position it well enough in these carts as well.

The cart cover also comes with an infant positioner. When we first got the cart cover, Thaxton was only about 9 months old (and he’s a little on the small side), so this feature came in handy.

The cover also has two loops for attaching toys. We haven’t really used these much.  We found Thaxton was frustrated that he couldn’t put his toy to his mouth, so we found it better to leave them unattached, but I definitely like the idea of attaching them to avoid drops.  There’s also a place to put your cell phone.  We don’t let Thaxton have our cellphones, so we actually don’t use this feature, but if you allow your child screen time at the grocery store, this definitely comes in handy.

I also love that the cart cover can be used as a highchair cover.  When you go to a restaurant, you never know just how clean the highchairs are, so it’s good to have the cover.  Plus, if we have any drops or spills, the cover catches it, so we don’t leave the highchair in a mess.

I’d definitely recommend the Summer Infant Cushy Cart Cover. It definitely does the job and is a well-designed, high quality product!

I’d also like to recommend the following Summer Infant Products, which we have in just this past year:

Summer Infant Super Seat – I chose this floor seat for Thaxton because of the fun toy bar and because it converts to a booster seat, which he can still use as a toddler.

Summer Infant Changing Pad – When you do multiple diaper changes a day, you need a good changing table AND a changing pad! This one is a great quality for a great price.

Summer Infant Baby Gate We have 2 Summer Infant Gates, and they’ve been a lifesaver since Thaxton started crawling!

Summer Infant Nursery Care Kit – Great first aid and personal care kit with everything you need for baby!

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