4 DIY roofing tips that will save you tons of money


People don’t like spending the money if they’re not forced to. This is especially true when it comes to home maintenance.

There are so many things on which we can save when it comes to cleaning, maintaining and fixing. One of the biggest culprits is the roof. This area of the house requires lots of attention. Most roofs last from 10 to 15 years but with enough time invested, this period can easily be prolonged up to 20 years. If you consider that the cost of a new roof can go up to thousands of dollars, it is obvious that a periodic maintenance can save you a lot of money.

There is no need to rely on roofing contractor, a roofing company or a roofing service. Here are some awesome DIY tips that will help you achieve that goal.

1. Make a periodic checkup

The most important things about roofs is consistency. Going to the roof once in 5 years or only when something is broken will not cut it. Instead, you need to make a continuous effort of checking the roof every 6 months and making the necessary fixes. By eliminating threats as soon as they appear, you’re making sure that the roof (as well as your house) don’t take any additional damage. Humidity can be really problematic and if you allow it to affect your home, leaks will appear overnight.

2. Remove faulty shingles

Most homes in America rely on shingles. These products are very cheap but are also very fragile. Stronger wind can easily blow them away. Debris can also be very damaging to them as well. This is why you need to detect issues and address them as soon as possible. If you think that the surrounding shingles are also troublesome, it is much better to remove them altogether. Shingles affect each other so when making repairs, you have to be sure that the issue is resolved.

3. Repairing gutters

Gutters can be really problematic. If there is any damage to them, rainwater will not be drained properly. Instead, it will start splashing the side of your house which can be a real problem (especially for wooden structures). Debris is another thing you need to pay attention to. During

autumn, a lot of leaves and smaller pebbles will end on your roof. If they are not removed, water will remain on the roof and will increase humidity potentially leading to leaks.

4. Check the chimney

Object that surrounds the chimney is known as flashing. Flashing is usually made from lighter metals which makes it prone to damage. Unfortunately, flashing is crucial for sealing the area. If it’s faulty, water will start penetrating your home.

With these simple but awesome tips, you will be able to repair your home as if you were a roofing contractor. Just make sure to be meticulous, pay enough attention to issues and react to them as soon as they appear.

Author’s bio: Doitrightroofing.ca is a roofing company in Vancouver with more than 10 years in business. They have hundreds of repaired roofs in their portfolio and are a BBB A+ rating roofing contractor.

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