Ways to Decorate Your Home with Your Favorite Family Pictures

Personal touches can help you convert your house into a beautiful home. However, finding various ways to incorporate a portrait display or favorite family photos into interior design can prove to be challenging. For example, color schemes, using favorite photos for home decor, other art pieces and the overall atmosphere must be put into consideration not to mention the pictures themselves.

Your family pictures are special and each one of them carries specific memory which means that you should let those memories live on. Both friends and family members will love to see photo to painting wall decorations and pictures of your family’s grandparents. They will also enjoy seeing the photos of your embarrassing second school pictures as well as those family images where your loved ones began laughing right before being taken.

Here are excellent ways to decorate your home with your favorite family photos:

Turning Your Pictures into Paintings

Turning pictures into paintings is one of the best ways of displaying your favorite family photos. Since every homeowner is not a painter, you can hire a professional to convert a family photo to beautiful painting in nearly no time at all. This option provides a timeless and iconic look to otherwise dated and ordinary looking family portraits and photographs.

This option also provides you with an opportunity to choose from the available painting types that will match the color of your walls. It also helps you to turn the extra-special and cherished memories into something you and your family will enjoy each day. For example, a beloved pet can be immortalized thanks to cat and dog paintings done by artists via a photographic source. Turning your photos to painting will help you convert the moments that define you and your family members – including pets – to display in a perfect place in your home.

Hanging on the Wall

The living room is where most homeowners choose to hang their favorite family photos. Depending on your requirements, you can create gallery walls and dedicate them entirely for this purpose. You can also decide to combine your traditional framing styles with the rest of the furnishings, accessories, and accent walls. A nice place to hang some of your favorite family photos would be on the accent wall behind your sofa or over the fireplace.

Also, you can decide to greet your guests with beautiful walls of family portraits. Hang them on the wall opposite to your front door so that the guests entering your house can be in the position to see them. Simple tasks such as a photo to painting and displaying your best pictures on your walls will not only make your home more inviting but also make everyone feel welcomed.

LED/LCD Rotating Image Frames

Currently, digital picture frames are slowly replacing the traditional picture frames, which adorn the walls and mantelpieces of most houses across the world. As you move away from the film cameras towards a technological world where everybody regularly takes thousands of snaps each year, it makes sense to have a low-cost solution to attractively displaying your favorite family photos.

You can use digital or led rotating image frames to display your family photos since they are a perfect solution to your display problems. They allow homeowners to display, store and view hundreds of photos on single frames. You should understand that not all LED or LCD rotating frames are the same meaning you will need to do some research to select the perfect ones for your home.

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