Top on how to make your rental property feel more homely

Escalating house prices have made property more out of reach, leading to a harder climb onto the property ladder. Dating back to 1996, more than 90% of young adults would have been able to buy a home in their local area. Today, even with a hefty upfront deposit, only around 60% are able to secure even the most low-cost properties, causing many to turn to renting as the only way of affording suitable housing.

As the current property market leaves people renting for longer, it is important to consider all options on how to make your home feel homelier, even with restrictions that may be given to you by a landlord. Nothing is more frustrating than not being allowed to put your own stamp on your new home, whether you are planning to settle there for years to come or only stay for a couple of months. Here are some tips on how to transform your rental property into a cosy humble abode:

1) Embrace what you have been given – If you have moved into a city centre bachelor apartment or an old Edwardian building it is important to think about what will complement the existing aesthetic. You can use this as a basis to really make it your own. If you are renting a 1920’s property it may be worth considering furnishing with art deco style furnishings and fixtures.

2) Consider free standing furniture – If you opt for free standing furniture, this furniture will follow you from home to home. When you are on the move, your furniture moves with you. Choose easy to move pieces that will inject some style and personality into your rented home.

3) Storage can be pretty too – Storage sounds boring right? But, this can actually be a great way to give your home a little bit of a facelift and make it look beautiful while you are at it. Shelving and flat packed units add another dimension to your home and can be a great way to show off some of your other possessions. Complete your brand-new shelving with an intricate vase with some fresh flowers, a nice photo frame of you and your favourite pet or perhaps a few candles to add a little bit of warmth and tranquillity.

4) Light it up – Why not add a statement light to your home? This can be on your desk, on your side table in the lounge, or even a floor lamp in the kitchen. Whatever room you choose lighting fixtures and statement pieces can really add more light, beauty and appeal to your home.

5) Keep everything simple – Don’t overdo it. When looking at decorative pieces, keep in mind that the same piece may need to fit into the colour scheme of your next home. By keeping it simple, and more neutral there is more chance that it will match.

6) Choose what you love – For many, when renting you have a decision to make, whether you wish to buy furniture to see you through multiple properties going into the future or whether you want to buy low cost furniture that you don’t mind leaving behind or discarding of. RW Invest, a property investment company that specialise in buy to let properties, offer a full furniture pack in all of their latest properties available on the market which saves those renting worrying about what furniture to take, as it is all provided for them beforehand.

7) Be creative – Adding textures, materials and colours throughout your rental property gives you the opportunity to reflect your own personality within your home and can create a homelier touch. Splashes of colour through cushions, blankets, rugs and artwork can brighten up even the dullest of apartments.

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