Apple Carrot Spinach Muffins

Thaxton is now 14 months old! How time flies!  He eats a variety of food, including a lot of vegetables!  Our biggest eating challenge has been getting him to eat chunky foods and different textures.  As a result, he still eats a lot of purees. For his non-pureed foods, I try to give him things that are as healthy as possible.  One thing that he is very good at eating is breads and anything else from the grain group, so I started looking for healthy muffin recipes.

Today I’m sharing a recipe for Apple Carrot Spinach Muffins. Don’t let the spinach throw you!  If you didn’t see the specks of green in the muffin, you’d never know they had spinach in them!  I put spinach in Thaxton’s scrambled eggs, all of our muffins, and smoothies!  It’s a great way to get some extra greens, which is something I struggle with myself!

I did take one shortcut with these muffins.  I used applesauce instead of chopping up fresh apples.  Thaxton enjoys applesauce, so we keep that in the fridge, and I like the idea of using what I have, rather than going out and buying more ingredients.

Apart from being very wholesome, these muffins are delicious and very moist!  Hope you enjoy!


Muffins are also great for freezing!  When I bake a fresh batch, I just leave out whatever we’re going to eat for the week, and I freeze the rest!  (Just be sure to freeze them in a container or tray, before throwing them in a freezer bag.  I placed a batch in a bag at room temperature and threw them straight in the freezer, and some of them got a little deformed.)

Do you love homemade muffins?  I’d love for you to share your recipes with me!  Please leave a comment on this post, or share your muffin recipes at our Friday Favorites linky party!

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