Overcoming Addiction Through Ibogaine Treatment

The process of addiction treatment can be long for many people. Success may not come for many years. Even after a quality medical and therapeutic procedure, many addicts must remain vigilant with their ongoing health care. Traditional treatments are often considered the only means to an addiction-free future. Failure rates, unfortunately, are shocking. Families often must separate from addicts due to the stress and abuse the comes from the relationship. Alternative ibogaine treatment clinics are bringing in hope for a problem that has seen little improvement over the years.


Many addicts are doomed before they ever start treatment. They may believe there is no hope for change after years of addiction. They may also receive negative feedback from those close to them, adding to their low self-esteem. Many addicts on the street witness the daily failure of their peers, as well. There has been minimal change in the way addicts are treated for their affliction. News of Ibogaine treatment may bring hope to those that have given up on healing. A positive treatment Experience can change the entire life of an addict.

Comprehensive Care

Modern medical care has become focused on treatment of symptoms instead of root causes. This is especially true when it comes to things like anxiety and depression. The physical symptoms of addiction are a big focus when it comes to rehabilitation clinics. This is a necessity, however, because withdrawals can be severe and hard on the body. Unfortunately, this phase takes up a large part of a short rehabilitation stay.

Ibogaine treatment clinics take the time for extensive therapy, as well. The ibogaine helps to relieve withdrawal symptoms, making this part shorter. The ibogaine also speeds up therapy by brining more self-awareness. Issues that have been suppressed for years may come out. The initial reasons for the addiction may become apparent, bringing a greater possibility of healing.

Speaking of rehabilitation, so much goes into the program, but that also depends largely on the severity of your addiction. A residential treatment center has the right to attain relevant information about your addiction to tailor the program to your specific needs. Your recovery may be prolonged if you fail to provide the treatment center with the necessary details of your drug use. Knowing the duration of your addiction and the types you use forms part of the comprehensive care you are entitled to as a residential patient.


Addicts often have trouble committing to a treatment plan. When a treatment center is close to home, it can be easy to give up and leave. Patients may also reach a point during treatment where they are so uncomfortable they begin to not care if they recover or not. They just want to take the drug and feel better. Addiction recovery is a challenging journey. Ibogaine treatment centers are usually far from home, making it much harder to leave when there are feelings of frustration. The physical part of ibogaine treatment is more comfortable due to the reduced withdrawal symptoms, as well. Patients may make better progress an make it faster at an ibogaine clinic. This positive progress can help to keep addicts dedicated to a full recovery.

Overcoming addiction takes a lot of dedication and bravery. Addicts often do not begin seeking treatment until they have reached an incredibly low point in their life. They may lose their home, or an important relationship. Many may even have an overdose or suffer other illnesses. When help is sought out, they need to be given hope of recovery. A comprehensive ibogaine treatment can help patients recover cherished parts of their former lives.

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