Featuring Pets on Instagram

I’m currently working on strategies for my social media profiles for next year. On my social media, I share everything from family photos to stuff I’m blogging about; this includes projects I’m working on and products I’m reviewing.  (I’m a bit of an online shopaholic.  Check out HiHouse for everything you need for you household.

One platform I’ve spent a lot more time on this year is Instagram.  I’m always amazed to see other people’s profiles on this platform.  I follow everyone from homeschool moms, to cooking and home decor blogs, and a lot pet accounts!  I am always amazed to see how other’s have made their pets an Instragram star, and it gives me a lot of inspiration as I put together my pet-related campaigns.  Here are a few ideas for how you can make your pet the star of your Instagram profile.


There is just something about cats and dogs in clothes and costumes.  We’ve only dressed up Shadow a couple of times, but these are some of my favorite pictures of her.  And if your dog (or cat) doesn’t have a problem being dressed up, you will definitely get some great photos, and you should get a lot of engagement!

Product Placement

If you are a review bloggers, photos make a world of difference in your post, and sponsors love them!  Any time I do a sponsored I like to get great photos, and when I’m doing a pet related product I HAVE to get at least one of my fur babies in the shot.  My cats don’t exactly pose for pictures, but they are always interested in anything new that comes in to the house, so I usually find it easy to snap a few photos of them next to a product.


You can use effects to make a picture stand out.  With a click of the mouse you can make a photo black and white or another color for dramatic or bold effects.  Or you can use a whole host of tools to make your photos more attractive or to add colors and make your photos pop. Or you can add funny quote bubbles and captions to help tell your pet’s story.

Get In Front of The Camera

Every once in a while come out from behind the camera and pose with your pet.  This shows the bond and closeness between you and your pet, and it further personalizes your photos and your story.

Lifestyle Photos

My favorite photos of my pets are those which capture them naturally.  These are photos where you just happen to see your pet doing something funny or cute and you snap a photo.  Most of the time when I snap a photo of my pets, they are simply lounging around.  Other times I’m able to snap action photos of them playing with toys or even each other.  These photos are usually funny or cute.  They show your pet’s true personality without any posing or pretense.


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