How to choose the right mattress for your needs?

Some people perceive mattress purchase as buying a new washing machine or TV: it needs to be good and to last for a long time. But the issue is much more complex than we like to think. The mattress is responsible for our long-term health and if we make a mistake, it is something that might come back to haunt us.

However, buying a proper product is no easy task. Certain types of mattresses are good for our back, some of them conform to our body type, while others are great for their anti-allergic and cooling properties. All of that has to be taken into consideration and we have to make a decision based on what we expect from a product.

Here are some of the things you have to consider when buying a mattress.

When do you need to change your mattress?

Before anything else, you need to consider whether or not you actually need a change.

A mattress is a long-term investment, some of them can be rather expensive so you have to make sure your timing is right.

The first indication that you need a change is the wear and tear. If your old mattress started looking shabby, this is a good sign you need something new. Still, that doesn’t mean that a product is performing poorly; it only means that it is rather old.

Given that we always have to focus on the functional side of a mattress, a much better way to determine whether or not we need is change is based on how our body feels. If you feel pain after waking up, or if you simply cannot sleep well, this is a good indication that your mattress is too old to perform its function.

Mattresses usually last from 10 to 15 years. In some cases, you might use a product for 20 years without noticing any issues. However, some people like to change them more often. There are those who are considering a change after 8 years so this is something you might also take into regard.

Types of mattresses

Now we get to the tricky part. There are lots of online mattress review sites, like Our Sleep Guide for example, that can help you make the right decision when it comes to product type. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do any research prior to that.

Mattresses can be created from various materials and can serve different functions. Here are some of the most popular product types you can find on the market.


Springs or coils are the traditional material still being used worldwide. The mattress is made from numerous springs and as their number increases, they provide more support. Items with fewer springs may be problematic. However, those with more springs are pretty good items providing more support over a bigger surface. They are pretty stiff, cheap and are good if you need something stronger for your back.


Latex beds are pretty popular nowadays as they provide solid support and are great for dissipating heat. They are not that great when it comes to life expectancy but are still cheaper than some other models. There are also some latex mattresses which are great for allergies.

Memory foam

These mattresses are among the most expensive products on the market. They provide amazing support to the back and conform to your body type. They are especially great for people who tend to change their sleeping position overnight. Still, they have 2 drawbacks: memory foam is rather pricey and it accumulates heat.


If you like certain advantages of a mattress but hate its drawbacks, perhaps the best choice for you is a hybrid one. These items are made so they retain the best qualities of a material while also downplaying or eliminating its issues. They can be made from various items and their price can also vary significantly.

Airbeds and waterbeds

These mattresses are more of a novelty. They are great for adapting to your body features and can provide decent support. Still, they are not that durable and can easily be punctured.

With these tips, you can finally decide which product is right for you. Choose carefully and consult the online mattress shop before making a decision.

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