5 Tips to Use When Shopping for Your Plus Size Wedding Dress

Dress shopping is stressful to all brides, and when it comes to the plus size brides, it is traumatic. We have all had a snippet of the mean store attendants for bridal shops when it comes to plus size brides. Thankfully, we have the right place for you, at Madame bridal, you’ll find the plus size Julietta collection. Here there are no mean attendants, you are safe. There is a significant variation in the plus size dresses available. The selection goes from size 14 all the way to size 32. Just because you are not petite, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the dress of your dreams.

Here are tips laid down for you, to use when you are getting your dress:

1. Call ahead.

Do not be ashamed of asking stores if they have your size. Pick up the phone and ask for your size. It’s your big day, and nothing should come before that. Ask them if they are able to work with you. There economic shops which can only afford to carry just a sample dress and usually prefer working with average sizes. For instance, if a bride ranges from size 2 to 22, they will only carry size 10. If you find a friendly and confident attendant you think you can work with, you are lucky, if not, keep calling until you do.

2. Chain wedding dress stores are a good choice.

These stores usually don’t have the best reputation, which is so unfair, since these stores are always packed will all size dresses and designs. When you get there, find someone who is excited to work with you and let them guide you. You know your body, they know the dresses, put this together and find the best.

3. Take over.

Make sure the salesperson does not control you in what you are getting. You might end up getting what you don’t want. These people have been trained to be convincing. Be the leader of the conversation and not the other way around.

4. Don’t worry about the size.

Some stores don’t use the correct sizes. If you feel like you can fit into the dress, try it on, if it fits well and good!

5. You can make adjustments.

Don’t be troubled to ask whether changes can be made on the dress. You might find your dream dress but only a slight detail is missing, like its sleeveless and you want it to have sleeves. This should not hinder you in getting it. If you don’t feel comfortable in some of its features, as for adjustments, it not a big deal!

6. Do not allow disrespect.

If the salesperson is being rude and is trying to body shame you. Do not cause chaos or draw attention to yourself, tell the salesperson to shut it down, and add that its none of their business. Ask for another salesperson, and report this to the management later. You don’t want someone else to be treated in the same manner.

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