What Worktop Should I Choose for a Modern Farmhouse?


Combining multiple design trends is quickly getting very popular throughout the UK. Increasing number of homeowners now mix and match two or more decor to create a unique space. One of the most popular choices from this trend is the modern farmhouse style. It combines the comfortable design aesthetics of farmhouse with contemporary design and its clean lines for a fresh and unique take on a decor inspired by country living.

But what could be the best worktop for a modern farmhouse kitchen? One of the best things about this decor is its versatility. There are many different worktop options that would look great in one such kitchen. Some top options include:

1. Granite worktop

The simplicity and warmth of modern farmhouse kitchen blends very well with natural material worktops like granite worktops. Worktops made from granite are very popular for their beauty and durability. Moreover, they are non-porous, highly resistant to temperatures and add great value to the home. Also, many of the granite surfaces are available in several different finishes like honed, polished, bush hammered, flamed, etc. to perfectly suit the kitchen.

2. Marble worktop

The unmatched beauty of marble makes it a great choice for any kind of kitchen decor. The modern farmhouse decor which is characterized by natural materials and textures mixes very well with marble worktops to further enhance the overall appeal of the kitchen. Softer colour marbles like Acqua Bianca Marble, Calacatta, Calacatta Colorado, Namibian White Marble, etc. are some excellent options for a modern farmhouse kitchen.

3. Sintered porcelain worktop and ultracompact surfaces

Also known as ultra-compact worktops, sintered composite is a new generation of worktop materials. These materials are known to offer several benefits over many other types of worktop materials and are scratch-resistant, non-porous, and are available in a wide range of finishes and colours. Neolith and Dekton are two of the most popular brands that offer an extensive range of sintered composite worktop materials.

4. Quartzite worktop

Quartzite is another natural material which blends very well with many different types of kitchen decor, including modern farmhouse. The quartzite worktops are well-known for their colour consistency, heat resistance, hygiene, and minimum maintenance requirements. Moreover, quartzite does not etch or get damaged easily. So, it is an excellent option for homeowners who are looking for the beauty of marble without the maintenance requirements or cracking problem of the natural material.

5. Quartz worktop

Quartz is a man-made material prepared from quartz, resin, polymers and pigments. Quartz worktops are available in endless designs and colours and are a safer option than many of the top worktop materials as they are engineered for kitchen and bathroom use. Silestone and Caesarstone are two of the most popular brands that offer a wide range of beautiful quartz worktop materials.

The modern farmhouse style can be a great option for a homeowner looking to create a classy and chic kitchen decor. If you are planning to create this style in your kitchen, these are some of the top worktop options that you can consider.

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