Skip the Resort and Rent a Mexican Villa

Mexico is one of the best places to take a vacation. It is not only absolutely gorgeous with its beaches but also has a very interesting culture that comes from thousands of years of history. A great way to enjoy both the beaches and the culture, could be to look at luxury vacation rentals as opposed to a resort stay.

A Mexican Villa is essentially a large or luxurious home. These homes are found commonly in Mexico. A lot of them feature large pools, hot tubs, maid service, and some even provide chefs.  It truly gives you all the benefits of a hotel, but much better. Here are some reasons to book a villa for your next vacation.

Fantastic Choice for Families or Large Groups

A villa is a great choice if you are traveling with more than a couple people. It is much more convenient to stay in a large home rather than booking several hotel rooms that may or may not be next to each other.  

A villa offers plenty of common space to hang out or talk. There are family rooms, patios, and kitchens that are all able to be used. This makes quality time much easier to achieve.  There will be places to watch tv or movies. This takes out the chaotic feeling that so many vacations have.

Let’s be honest-children need downtown. When you rent a villa, your children can take a nap in their own space unlike a hotel where there are always others in the room. This makes the day much more enjoyable for parents and their kids.

Villas also allow parents to put their kids to bed at their normal time. Kids do best on a schedule and by keeping their bedtime your kids are happier and better rested. It also allows you to spend time with the adults in the common areas. Just because your kids are tired doesn’t mean all the adults have to go to bed. The adults can enjoy a late dinner on the patio or a midnight swim.  

A villa is also an excellent choice if you are travelling with a couple families. Some of these Mexican villas are large enough to host several families with plenty of space.  

Villas can also be less expensive for a big group. Because you are all pitching in for the house it can end up costing less per night than a hotel room.  


Villas are a great option if you are looking for some privacy. You have the choice to be totally isolated in your villa. There will be no strangers or other guests to have to deal with. The villa is completely yours.

This promotes a real feeling of rest and relaxation. The vacation is solely on your terms.  You can do whatever you want on whatever schedule you choose. You also do not have to deal with other hotel guests that can sometimes be annoying. There will be no splashing kids at the pool, but rather only people you have invited.

Hotels can also be notoriously loud at night. You never know when your drunk neighbor will stop shouting at 3 am. But, when you stay in a villa, you are guaranteed a restful night sleep without unwanted interruption.  

For families, hotels can sometimes feel unsafe. It is hard to keep an eye on your children at all times. It is all too easy to lose them in the lobby or heaven forbid the pool. The great thing about a villa is it your space.  You can control where your kids go and when.

Mexican Culture

One of the most important things a child should experience is different cultures. By renting a villa, you are taken out of the commercialism of a hotel and get to see and know the people of Mexico more fully.

You can engage with the people who are employed at the villa. You can learn about them and their customs.  

You will also be staying in an actual neighborhood, not a hotel. This allows you to walk the streets and get to know some of the neighbors, if you desire. You can see some Mexican culture that is ever absent in hotels.  


If you are looking for luxury, a Mexican villa is the perfect choice. Most villas these days are run by some sort of management company. These companies ensure that the villa is clean at all times. But, you can also choose other amenities that are important to you and your family.

You can choose a villa that has a full-time housekeeper if you that is what you desire. Or, you can choose a villa that has a housekeeper come daily. Or a villa that does not have a housekeeper at all….the choice is completely yours.

A lot of villas come equipped with high end linens and bath towels. Many of them offer several bathrooms and ensuites. These villas can come with infinity pools, hot tubs, steam showers, fully stocked kitchens, and even chefs.  

It is a good idea to make a list of the things you want and look for a villa that has them. You can choose a luxurious villa or a more basic villa. Do whatever works best for you, your family, and your budget.

If you are planning a vacation to Mexico be sure to look into renting a villa. There are several ways to find a villa. Many websites such as VRBO or Https:// have many villas listed. It is recommended you look at reviews of people who have stayed at the villa. This keeps the owners accountable for their space.

Never book a villa from an individual who is not affiliated with any type of management company. It may not be safe and you may be putting your credit card at risk. Always be careful and smart. Renting a villa for your next family vacation is a great idea. It will give you all the amenities and quality time you are looking for in a trip.

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