Facts About Why You Should Consider Doing Aeration And Overseeding This Fall

For the average layperson, spring is when they most think of planting. If they’re wanting to have a garden this year then most folks will aim at having everything planted just before Memorial Day. Even though spring is a time that everyone will naturally think of starting things, it is good to remember that fall is an important season as well. During the summer months, things like insects, drought, and extreme heat are all difficult on our yards and on the soil. Here we will take a look at the facts around why you should consider doing aeration and overseeding this fall.  For information on getting these professional lawn services, check out https://www.lawncare.net/service-areas/georgia/

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Aeration And Overseeding For Our Lawn And Gardens?

  1. The Importance Of Aeration

To perform aeration, it requires that you remove soil cores from your lawn and garden. When you do this, it leaves a couple of inches of cores on the top which breaks down. As they break down, microbes will begin to feed on them which breaks down the thatch. This is an impervious and spongy like layer of material that is decaying. It is usually found in between the crown of the grass and the soil.

Doing this helps your lawn and garden in a few ways. It keeps the soil from becoming too compact. This allows water to reach the deepest parts of the root. It also helps to benefit the microorganisms that are in the soil. These microorganisms play an important part in improving the quality of the soil and increasing the amount of nutrients that are available to help develop the plant. When aeration is performed it means the plants will have easy access to all the nutrients they need. The process also allows the roots of the plants to expand. This helps the entire area to be a better quality and to achieve greater vitality.

  1. The Value Of Overseeding

The process of overseeding gives way to new varieties of grass that can be introduced to the lawn and this will help it be more resistant against insect attacks and related diseases. This also causes the grass to grow more thickly and this, in turn, makes weed growth more difficult. As important as all of those things are, when it comes to our lawns, one thing most want to achieve is to have it look great. This process will give a far nicer look to the lawn.

Does Aeration And Overseeding Work Together?

These two things work in conjunction with one another. Overseeding helps protect your lawn and keeps it from being vulnerable. Aeration actually allows overseeding to penetrate and get deep into the soil. This, in turn, helps the growth of roots located deep in the soil. Even when your lawn looks good but has gone through a long hard summer, it’s recommended that you perform these tasks to improve the overall condition. But if you happen to notice that it’s beginning to look a bit bear, then you definitely need to think about when you last aerated and overseeded the lawn. Anytime that it has been 3 years or more since doing so, it means that you should aerate and overseed the lawn during the Fall season.

Why Is Fall The Best Season To Aerate And Overseed?

Because the average person thinks of planting in Spring they may think that doing these things would be done during that season. But when it comes to cool season grasses it’s far better to do it during the Fall. Aeration and overseeding is something that is done to help restore your lawn after a difficult Summer season. If your lawn has Kentucky bluegrass or other cool-season grasses then you will find that doing this in the Fall gives a superior result.

Because Fall still has a number of warm days along with cooler nights it is optimal for growing blended grasses.  During this season weeds and crabgrass are less troublesome. It’s always easier for new growth to take place when it’s not having to compete against weeds.  It also means that it’s competing against fewer insects and potential diseases. All of these things come together to work collectively in allowing the effects of this process to get the maximum results.

Starting the process in late August through mid-September is usually considered ideal timing. According to Ziehler at https://ziehlerlawncare.com The key is that you’re starting late enough to avoid some of the issues related to the summer season while not starting too late and running into winter weather that would inhibit new growth. Even if your lawn is looking great, doing this process during the Fall is still highly recommended.

The only way that you can create a situation where you have a truly healthy turf is when you create vigorous growth that takes place below and above the soil. The root system of your lawn needs to expand and it should become denser each year. But there comes a point where the density creates excess thatch. By performing aeration the thatch will be broken down and return to a healthy level. This then allows the overseeding to do its job and take root and improve the overall condition of the soil.

When you go through this process and add fresh seed, it will diversify the species of the lawn. This increases its overall health and makes it highly resistant to a variety of environmental pressures and to disease. Just like other types of maintenance that you do, this is a process that is imperative for having a great looking lawn that is super healthy.

There’s no reason to put this task off until Spring. In fact, the Fall is, in most situations, the ideal season for aeration and overseeding. The average lawn will ultimately do better when this process takes place during the Fall. The biggest key to creating a great looking and healthy lawn is to include this type of process in your ongoing maintenance on a regular basis. The benefits that a person will get doing this for their lawn and garden will be something that is certainly evident the following Spring. That’s why anyone who hasn’t done this in two or three years should make sure to aerate and overseed during the Fall season.


  1. Great post. Thank you for the information. This makes sense. I am going to do it, even though it may be a little late.

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