5 Tips to Improving the Lighting of Your Home


You can’t overemphasize the role that good lighting plays in changing the overall look of any home. Yet the thought of upgrading your home seems daunting to many homeowners. However, there are simple ways of improving your lighting without overhauling the system completely. This article will detail a few of them.

  1. Embrace Diversity

Rooms that aren’t well-lighted lack some kind of warmth. Fortunately, handling them is quite simple. Just add some new sources of light that are distinct from the ones that are in the room. For instance, if you only have recessed lights in your space, try adding a wall sconce, a table lamp, or both. You’ll be surprised at the difference it would make.

  1. Task Lighting

Every room should have a special light that’s dedicated to serve while you’re doing a specific task. For instance, a bedside task light could help you read conveniently deep in the night without disrupting anyone. Also, placing task lights on kitchen counters can help in proper preparation and cooking of food.

  1. Use of Reflective Accents

Introduce some reflective elements into a poorly lighted room and you’d have fixed its problem. For example, paint your walls white to reflect and amplify the light that’s available. You’ll only require a few light sources in such a bright space. Also, try hanging a large mirror on your wall so it can reflect light and brighten the room.

  1. Fix Fixtures Issues

Despite the fact that you can update your lighting fixtures at a low cost, most people take it for granted. Just because they work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t replace them. If fixtures are not working well, they may cause problems with security, have a negative impact on your room’s overall outlook, and cost you in energy consumption.

Updating a number of your home’s most important fixtures can go a long way in improving your overall lighting. It is easy to replace a fixture that is either inefficient or stylistically outdated with a newer model. Again, there’s no need of replacing all the fixtures in your home. Just focus on the most prominent ones.

A few ideas on fixing your fixture issues can improve your lighting significantly. You could layer them, that is, combine different types in the same room to make it more functional and better looking. Also, use coverings, shades, and sconces to fix the fixtures that have exposed or naked bulbs

  1. Energy Savers

Most people are struggling to settle their energy bills because they have lights that consume so much power. By simply replacing your ordinary lights with LEDs, you could save some money. Even though their initial cost may be a bit high, they are cost-effective in the long run.

Another idea is installing outdoor fixtures that save energy through their advanced technology. Typically, they feature a motion sensor or a photocell turns the light on only when someone is present or at night. It also turns it off during the day.


There is no reason why you should not improve your home’s lighting system. Apart from bringing an element of elegance to your home, it is cheap and requires simple ideas. Update your lighting today to enjoy these benefits and much more.

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