5 Side Effects of the Keto Diet

With increased popularity of the keto diet, you may be getting pulled into the craze. Before you get started, you should understand what you are getting into and figure out if the side effects are going to keep you from following through with your diet commitment. While the keto diet is a powerful diet that will help its users drop pounds, there are things to consider. In this article, we are going to talk about five side effects of the keto diet.

1. Rapid Weight Loss

When you stick to the keto diet and are doing everything properly, you will notice rapid weight loss. Many times people get scared when they lose weight so quickly, but you shouldn’t get worried when you start seeing the scale drop quickly the first week.

Keto dieters reduce carbs and get very little of their fuel from the consumption of carbs. Once you learn how carbs work with your body (or against your body if you are trying to lose weight), you can more easily understand why the keto diet works.

As you are following the keto diet, you will initially drop a good amount of weight in water weight due to how your body reacts from not having as many carbs as it is used to.

2. Muscle Loss

Whether you are consuming keto cookies or cramming your face with avocado, you are going to start noticing how much weight you are losing. One of the things you should know is that some of the weight that you are losing is weight from your muscles. Most people have a problem with this, but you shouldn’t worry too much. It isn’t going to take all of your muscle mass.

3. Low Energy Levels

When you switch your energy source from carbs, you are asking your body to make a major adjustment. If you’ve been running on carbs and suddenly you change this on your body, it is going to cause you to have low energy levels. Having low energy levels might make you feel unmotivated and even make you want to go back on your diet commitment. If you can hang on until you get through the tired portions of the keto diet, you will be able to start feeling better again. Since your body is getting rid of unwanted fat, your energy levels are likely to increase as times progresses.

4. Flu Symptoms

If you are terrified that you might get the keto flu, one of the best things you can do to prevent this is to start on a lower carb diet before you go all out on committing to keto. This will help your body get used to being fueled by something other than carbs.

When you start experiencing the keto flu, you might want to run the other direction and stop your diet in its tracks, but if you understand what is happening to you, it is easier to keep going through the symptoms.

Your body burns carbs for energy as a default setting. When carbs are reduced dramatically with the keto diet, your body no longer has stores of glucose and now uses fatty acids for energy. This is when you’re in ketosis.

This natural reaction to entering ketosis may feel like the flu, but it won’t stick around forever. There are some key things you might notice when you are going through keto flu. Some of the things you might experience are:

* Brain fog

* Dizziness

* Confusion

* Stomach pains & aching

* Diarrhea

* Constipation

* Lack of focus

* Trouble sleeping

* Nausea

* Muscle soreness and cramping

* Cravings for sugar

* Heart palpitations

Most people notice these symptoms within the first day or two of their ketogenic diet journey and depending on the person; the annoyance could be short or long. Some people totally escape keto flu, but some people deal with it for a week or two. Once your body adapts, you should be good to go.

5. Constipation

Keto constipation is one of the unspeakable side effects many people experience. While you might not want to advertise your unwilling bowel movements, you should know this is a common occurrence. You should also know that not passing stool every day does not mean you are constipated. A range from two bowel movements a week to three a day is perfectly normal. Before you start freaking out and thinking you are constipated, keep this in mind.

Is Keto Right for You?

Thousands of people have used the keto diet to shed unwanted weight. The most important part if that you stick with the diet since we know it is a viable option for many people. While there is room for error, you want to follow the plan as closely as possible or otherwise; you are not going to get the results you should have gotten.


While having side effects that are less than enjoyable might make you want to run the other direction, it is better if you keep pushing through the pain and start seeing results. When you start to notice the results you are getting from the diet, it is much easier to stay on your path. Connecting with a support group filled with fellow keto dieters is another good strategy for ensuring you are going to keep sticking with your plan. Forming the habit and figuring out the foods you need to eat with your diet isn’t as difficult as actually sticking to the diet and using your willpower to stay on track. Was this article helpful and informative? Leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

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