Questions to Ask a Home Cleaner Before You Hire

So you’ve decided to seek the services of a home cleaning company. Before you make a hire, it is important to interview the prospective company to ensure that you are both in the same page regarding your cleaning needs, and the company’s experience in the cleaning industry. Start by searching for local companies. For example, if you live in Arizona, consider searching: Phoenix house cleaning; alternatively you could check classified ads on places like Facebook Marketplace.

A consultation with a home cleaning service provider can help narrow down your options, as you are able to learn about each prospective company’s expertise, as well as their responsiveness.

Here are some important questions that we suggest you ask a cleaning service provider before making a hire:

How do you set your rates?

The cost of a home cleaning service is not something that you should leave to chance. While rates vary depending on the cleaning service provider, most companies charge an hourly rate for the first cleaning appointment. Others, you will find, set their rates based on the number of cleaners they will send to your place.

During your consultation, ask the company how they determine the rates, and whether they charge by project, or by the total hours it will take to complete the cleaning. This information is crucial to avoid any disagreeable costs, and to find out if the company’s offer is competitive to other cleaning services in the area.

Do you conduct a background check on cleaners?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask a cleaning company. Service personnel will be entering your home, and you cannot always keep watch of what they are doing, so you want to make sure that your belongings are safe. You will know when a company is serious about its customers’ safety if their hiring practices are rigorous, and if they conduct drug testing and criminal background checks on their employees.

One advantage of hiring a cleaning company versus an individual cleaner is that the customers do not have to do the background check on their own. It is the responsibility of the cleaning company to do that to ensure the safety of all their clients.

What services are included?

Do not hesitate to ask what cleaning services are included in every cleaning appointment. Will they clean the bathrooms and kitchen area or will they do a massive cleaning of the house that includes wiping surfaces and cleaning floors? Do they bring their own commercial vacuum cleaners for a thorough vacuuming, or will you need to provide this and other cleaning supplies for their use? It is also during the consultation that you should take the opportunity to let them know which areas you would like them to focus on. This will give them a clear idea of your unique cleaning needs, and how they can serve those needs in every routine visit.

Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee?

When hiring a cleaning company, choose one that utilizes appropriate measures to ensure that their cleaning technicians deliver top-notch service every time. A company that provides a satisfaction guarantee is preferable because it shows that they are serious about customer

satisfaction. In case you are unhappy with their service, you are eligible to get a refund, or to have another cleaning appointment where the cleaning staff will address the issues you had the previous routine cleaning.

What should I do with my pet?

There are cleaning companies that apply additional charges for cleaning a house with pets, so it’s important that you ask them about the extra cost. If you will be away on the day of the cleaning and will leave your pet behind, make sure to introduce your pet to the cleaners during the initial visit. Also, you can leave instructions to the cleaners to place your pet in a safe spot while they are performing the cleaning. This way, your pet does not inhale any potentially harmful chemicals used in cleaning your home.


Don’t settle for less when hiring a cleaning company. Make sure your concerns are addressed during the consultation, and that the cleaning team can be trusted to tidy up your home and have it looking its best.

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