Cool and Comfortable with Tommy John Underwear

Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate this review. The opinions are my own.

A lot of people have a favorite fashion accessory or piece of apparel. A lot of people collect shoes or earrings. Others have a huge tshirt or sweater collection.  One thing my husband loves is underwear.  It may sound simple and even a little silly, but having comfortable underwear is very important.  If you think it’s not than you’ve probably never had a pair that wasn’t comfortable!  I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to pick out a few items from Tommy John for review.  Actually in this case, my husband picked out some items.

My husband does a lot of work outside when he’s at home, and at work he has to do a variety of tasks; some of which take place in a very cool lab environment, while others take place in extreme heat.  For all of these, it’s important to have comfortable and high quality underwear.

One item we received was the Cool Cotton Brief in black. My husband loved this. They have a very high quality look and feel, and he said they had a comfortable fit, so comfortable that you barely know you are wearing them. These are 86% Pima Cotton and 14% Spandex. The fabric is very breathable and wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry. Very nice!

We also got the Go Anywhere Boxer Brief in black. Like the briefs these wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry. My husband loved the comfort and fit. They are a little longer than other boxers he has; he said they remind him of baseball shorts he used to wear, which is one reason he chose the product.

Finally, my husband chose (for me) the Cool Cotton Thong. I received this product in the Dress Blue Color. It looks very nice. I could see this being worn under casual or dress clothes. The look is very simple and clean, yet sexy. Like the men’s products, these are also moisture wicking, and they are very comfortable compared to other thongs I’ve had.

My husband and I loved our products.  If you have issues with sweating, chafing, or just a little discomfort, I’d definitely recommend trying the Tommy John products.  I think these are especially good for anyone who works out or works in a hot environment, but they are great products for one and all.  The brand also has other apparel like pants and shirts that you may want to check out.  If they are as comfortable as the underwear, then I’d certainly enjoy them.

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