How to Choose A Diamond: A Practical Buying Guide

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Each time we think about diamonds, we also certainly think about their price which, let’s face it, is not usually small. However, doing some research on the matter before deciding on a certain stone can save you a lot of time, effort, and even money. This is why it’s important to educate yourself on diamonds and make sure that you are making the best choice possible.

In this article, you will find a practical guide on how to make the best selection when shopping for diamond jewelry from and what you need to be careful about.

A Practical Buying Guide on How to Choose a Diamond

Firstly, you should know that there is something called the 4Cs of diamond quality. The main rule when shopping for a diamond is to take them into consideration and always request an evaluation from an expert in the field.

We will be discussing them briefly.

o Carat

This is a metric unit that equals 0.20 grams. It’s also the standard weight unit for diamonds and many other such stones. Only a loose diamond is measured like this and the more it weights, the more valuable it is.

o Clarity

In nature, diamonds are created under serious pressure and heat. This is why each diamond has its own properties. The internal ones are called inclusions, while the external ones are called blemishes. Only a gemologist can tell you exactly what’s the clarity of your stone by looking at the GIA Clarity Scale.

o Color

Colorless diamonds are among the rarest and most expensive ever. This is why only a trained eye can look at your diamond and compare it to the GIA Color Scale. By doing this, the expert will tell you the exact price of your stone, according to its color.

o Cut

When it comes to shaping a diamond, this can be done in a variety of ways. However, the GIA Cut Scale refers to the way a diamond’s angles react to light. There are a lot of things that can influence a stone’s cut grade and a gemologist will tell you exactly what you need to know. For more in-depth details about the four C’s of diamond quality check out The Diamond Authority. The experts there have made the study of diamonds their life’s work.


Finding the Perfect Diamond

Always Get an Expert’s Opinion

You need to face the harsh reality that you won’t ever find the perfect diamond unless you are willing to pay millions to get your hands on one. However, if you are shopping for a special occasion on a budget, you need to be extra careful when choosing your jeweler. Only talk to people who are credentialed and affiliated with other professional groups and associations. Apart from this, make sure to ask your jeweler to give you a diamond grading report. This document provides a clear and true description of the stone’s quality. It includes the 4Cs assessment as well as whether or not your diamond is synthetic or natural. Moreover, the report should also mention any treatments that your diamond might have gotten through and which might have altered its quality.

Ensure Your Investment

Another important thing that you need to know is that your diamond can be identified if it’s ever stolen or lost. Thanks to laser inscription technology, you can request to have something personal or a report number written on it. What’s interesting is that this writing will only be visible through a microscope under 10X magnification or a magnifying glass.

Moreover, ensuring your valuable stone and appraising it should be the two top things on your to-do list. An appraisal offers a financial value to your diamond while the grading report will only offer you extra information on it.

Opt for Loose Diamonds When Buying Engagement Rings

In case you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, let’s admit it, this is the most popular use of diamonds, it would be better to buy a loose diamond. This works very well in case you’re not sure what your significant other prefers. Grade the diamond and then go together to choose the mounting. It’s easier, safer, and it will save you a lot of trouble.


To sum it all up, it seems that diamonds are and might forever remain the symbol of love, friendship, and appreciation. Offering someone you admire such a valuable gift will surely amaze and surprise them, in the best way possible. However, now knowing how to buy the diamond or ignoring certain rules might seriously damage not only your reputation but also your wallet.

It’s mandatory to be careful about certain details when you are shopping for your expensive gift. This is not something that should be taken as a joke, not should be the person you’re buying it for. It is not until you have laid your own eyes upon it that you get to appreciate the true value of a diamond. It’s truly a special feeling, one that should never be forgotten or ignored.

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