5 Ways to Sell Your Used Items

Since my husband and I have gotten married, we have done a TON of decluttering, as well as redecorating in our home.  As we purchase new items, from table lamps to furniture, we often sell the items we no longer need.  You’d actually be amazed at how much extra cash you can make by selling your old stuff.  Today I’m going to discuss a few means and methods for selling your used items.

Yard Sales

If you have a lot of stuff to sell, a yard sale is a great way to get rid of it and make extra money.  At a good sale, we’ve made over a thousand dollars, and this is after we’ve already sold larger items online ahead of the sale.  You wouldn’t think selling items for quarter, 50 cents, a dollar, and so on, would yield much profit, but when you have a lot of stuff, and you add in some higher priced items as well,  there is a ton of potential for profit.


If you have a lot of name brand clothes in good shape, a high end consignment store might be your best bet for selling.  It is a lot easier than selling online, and you can generally make more money on clothes than you can with a yard sale.

Online Consignment and Sites that Buy Your Stuff

Websites like Swap and Thredup provide online consignment for clothing, jewelry, and other items.  Just send in your items and they do the selling.  As with offline consignment, fees will apply, but it is an easy and effective way to sell.

There are many websites out there such as swifttechbuy that will buy your old cell phones, electronic gadgets etc.  In most cases you simply ship them your items, and they pay you.  It’s very easy!

Craigslist, LetGo, Facebook

We have listed a lot of stuff online for sale.  I like these sites because your basic listings are free.  Of these three,  I’ve had the most success with Craigslist.  If we have anything for sale over $25 we list it on Craigslist before we would put it in a yard sale.  We’ve sold everything from cell phones, video games, and electronics to clothing, antiques, lawn mowers, and furniture.  Posting items is very easy, and we often sell items within a couple of days.

Posting on these sites is a great way to sell local, but we’ve found it is also possible to sell larger items to people further away, if someone is willing to travel, or if you are able to take online payments and ship items.

For large items like furniture, you can use Shiply to find a courier, like Ask Absolutely.  In the event you are selling furniture to someone local and nobody has a truck to make the pick up or delivery, Shiply can also help you to find a courier.

Ebay, Amazon, Etc.

And of course, Ebay and Amazon are great places to sell used items.  Listing and transaction fees may apply, but you can definitely be sure that your items will have a huge audience and potential buyers.  There are also great ways to market your items on these sites.  Learn about amazon cost of sale acos.

As someone who makes and sells jewelry, I can tell you that it is easy to use these sites once you have your initial set up complete.  It is also very easy to ship small items directly from your home or local post office, or Shiply can help you to arrange for shipment of your furniture and larger items.


With so many options available for selling your used items, there is no reason to not get rid of unwanted clutter.  And you’ll enjoy having a cleaner home and a few extra dollars in your pocket!





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