Sneaky Ways to Add Healthier Food to Your Diet

We all know we need to eat healthier. Unfortunately, changing your diet can be a difficult thing to do. It requires hard work and dedication, or does it?

Strict diets rarely work for the long term because they’re so restrictive. Not to mention, when you finally reach your goal, you’ll look forward to going off that diet!

Just because you should skip the diet doesn’t mean you should give up on finding ways to eat healthier. Instead of completely revamping your diet, these sneaky tips will enable you to add more nutrients into your meals and you will barely even notice.

Add Avocado to Your Salad Dressing

If you eat salads on a regular basis, you’re already doing something good for your health. That is, as long as you don’t cover your salad in dressing.

Instead of drenching your greens in ranch that can be high in calories and low in nutrients, try mashing up some avocado and mixing it with just a little bit of ranch. It will give you an irresistible, creamy texture and it’s much healthier for you.

That’s because avocado is high in plant sterols. “A medium-size avocado contains 25 mg per ounce of beta-sitosterol,” according to Nifty Benefits. “This plant sterol is used in traditional and modern medicine to reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease.”

Add Cauliflower to Your Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes aren’t bad for you, so you probably feel pretty good about those mashed potatoes, but why not make them healthier by adding some cauliflower?

Not only does cauliflower have fewer calories, it contains much more vitamin C, and it also contains folate and vitamin K, which you won’t find in the average potato.

Replace Your Ice Cream with Frozen Bananas

It’s true that you’ll probably notice this one right away, but if you just can’t seem to kick that ice cream habit, it’s worth your time to find a way to replace that high-calorie, low-nutrient treat with something similar, even if it isn’t a perfect swap.

Instead of reaching for the tub of ice cream, try placing a few bananas in the freezer. Once frozen, blend them into a creamy texture. Because you’re eating bananas instead of straight-up ice cream, you’ll feel better about chocolatey toppings.

Add Flax Seeds to Just About Anything

Flaxseeds have many benefits. They are full of fiber and omega-3s. This tiny seed is so nutritious that evidence has even shown that it can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes, and they can be added to just about anything! A few ideas include:

* Smoothies

* Homemade granola bars

* Pancake batter

* Hamburger meat

* Soup

* Yogurt

Don’t think you have to give up everything you love in order to eat better or lose weight. Sometimes, starting small is the best way to ease into a healthier lifestyle. With the tips on this list, you can sprinkle in a few extra nutrients here and there, ensuring you are able to keep up those good habits for a lifetime.

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