Making a Statement: How to Pack Some “Oomph” Into Your Home Décor

Everybody wants their home décor to not just be pleasant to look and comfortable, but also memorable for their guests. However, it’s not always easy to pull off something design-wise that will appeal to everyone. To help give your home leave a lasting impression, here are some suggestions on how to add some “oomph” into your décor. *

Install a fountain in your home. When it comes to really making a statement with your interior decorations, indoor water fountain is on top of the list. Not only do these water features look absolutely amazing, but they also carry with them added benefits that you may not expect. For one, the soothing sight and sound of running water that a fountain projects can help you relax and de-stress, which is always a good thing. The circulating water also makes the fountain a natural air purifier and humidifier. Just make sure to pick a model that suits your décor; there are various models to choose from, such as a desktop fountain or an indoor wall fountain.

* Exhibit something striking that speaks about your personality, hobby, or main interest. We can talk all day about color theory or interior design themes, but one of the most effective ways to add make a statement with your home décor is to inject a bit of your own personality in it. Think about your interests, hobbies, or just your personality in general. Do you collect memorabilia or toys? Exhibit a choice specimen from your collection and display it in prominence. Do you paint? Do you love movies or sports? A painting, a poster, or a team jersey in the right spot can do wonders and make things feel more authentic. Just don’t overdo it, no matter how tempting it is. You want to make a statement, and that statement isn’t “I am a hoarder in need of intervention.”

* Look into a proper set of curtains or drapes. Windows are always important, in that they allow light as well as air into your home. They can also serve as a great way to make a small room look and feel bigger than it actually is. However, as they take up quite a lot of space for being literal holes in your wall, they need something going on – otherwise, they’re going to really bring down the look of your home décor. A great way to remedy this is to have window treatments installed, such as drapes or curtains. With a great set, you can frame your window and make it a part of your décor rather than be a glaring blank space that aesthetically serves no purpose. If you’re not into cloth-based window treatments, though, blinds are also an excellent choice. Try Roman shades or perhaps bamboo blinds.

* Reduce clutter. Unless you’re very strict with your purchases or you like things to look as spartan as possible, it’s likely that your home will have a bit of clutter in it. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, too much can make things look messy and disorganized, to the point that whatever you may have been trying with your home décor gets completely buried. Remedy this by straightening things out. Put stuff you’re not keen on displaying too often in storage or relocate them to other parts of the house. Give your room space to breathe. It will make for a more cohesive and coherent home décor.

With these suggestions, you’ll be sure to inject some much-needed excitement and life into your home décor. When in doubt, consult a professional decorator. But your gut and your personal taste should definitely shine through.

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