Keep Safe When Cooking In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the most used room in any house. As the most important room for any family there is no reason for the kitchen to be a dangerous and costly place. Aside from ensuring our HVAC is functioning properly, how can we keep the heart of the home a welcoming, and safe place for all?
Food Poisoning In Your Kitchen
48 million Americans get sick annually from food poisoning with 3,000 of these dying; a quarter of a million citizens are hospitalized. Food poisoning is a deadly, and costly problem in our homes – but it is completely preventable. It is a much bandied about statistic (but a truism nevertheless) that the average cutting board has 200% more bacteria on it than the average toilet seat. Bacteria, like all living organisms, need food to survive and without it they cannot live or reproduce. In the kitchen, food spreads over every surface, providing a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. A simple but effective cleaning regime combined with effective food handling and storage procedures would completely remove this threat from your kitchen.
Don’t Wage Chemical Warfare Against Yourself
America loves bleach and other cleaning products, and we often associate the chlorinated smell of the chemical with cleanliness. Bleach and other household cleaners are, however, by very definition deadly. The purpose of these chemicals is to remove stains (often biological in nature) or to kill living organisms. We fall into both of these categories, so it is hardly surprising that we can be harmed by the very things we use to keep us safe. Make sure that chemicals are properly labeled, used correctly and are stored securely. Never use chemical cleaners near food and make sure all food-handling utensils are properly rinsed.
Hazardous Tools That Can Bite Back
A kitchen is filled with lots of implements and tools that potentially could be extremely dangerous. Modern pressure cookers are supposed to have multiple safety features but they can still fail causing hideous burns. Always use the steam release features carefully and if in doubt run your cooker under cold water before opening. Knives are responsible for countless injuries every year in American homes yet these are almost always avoidable. A sharp knife is a safe knife. The less effort you have to put into cutting, the more in control you are. Never put your knives in the sink with other utensils, wash them carefully alone. Take great care when walking with knives, even to just walk across the room hold them point down by your side.
Fire Is Always A Danger
Fire is a very real danger in your home and no more so than in the kitchen. Cooking fires alone have caused well over a quarter of a million callouts annually for US Fire Departments. Fires can start almost anywhere in the kitchen but your cooker is the most likely ignition source. Never, ever leave the room when you are cooking. Accidents can occur so quickly and spread much faster than you could believe. Make sure all towels and stirrers are kept away from the cooker and that nothing hangs down in front of a hot oven or ring. Get a fire blanket and an appropriate extinguisher. Experts recommend that you actually get two of each and practice with one in a safe environment first so that you know how to use it should you have a fire.
Not The End Of The Story
Your kitchen should be joyous place but it needs to be respected. The risks highlighted are only the tip of the iceberg. Your microwave, blender and glassware all come with their own potential for harm and even something as simple as your humble refrigerator needs to be taken care with. Common sense is a poorly named thing as it is not all of that common; get some and use it.

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