Cool DIY Projects for Teen Boys

We all know that teenagers can be complicated sometimes, especially teen boys. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t interact with them or that we shouldn’t show them new and cool things to do. They also tend to get bored of certain activities and spend most of their time in front of the computer.

If you want to avoid seeing your teen at the PC all day, you might want to try a DIY craft with him. Working together on a cool and fun project will create a stronger bond between the two of you and will also enable his creative side to kick in. We’ve listed below a few DIY crafts that you can easily try with your boy. For more interesting suggestions on this topic, check out!

1. Splash Bomb Catapult

All teen boys need a catapult, especially in the summer to fight with water balloons. They can also use it in the winter to throw snowballs. While you might think that a catapult is very hard to make, especially for a boy, you are wrong. This is an easy and cool project for a teen boy.

For this craft, you are going to need 12 dowel rods, rubber bands, low temp glue gun, and a lid from a bottle of juice. Instead of the dowel rods, you can also use pencils but the pre-cut rods are better and stronger.

First step is to make a T shape using 2 dowel rods and rubber band. Then you need to make a square base for the catapult using one of the 2 dowel rods you previously tied. The T shape is

part of the shooting arm. Add a vertical dowel rod for every corner of the base and add another horizontal rod for the top of the shooting arm.

Connect all of the vertical rods just like you make a tent by using horizontal rods. Also, tie another rod to the shooting arm you make in the first step to make it longer. Glue the lid as an ammunition basket and the catapult is done.

2. Baseball String Bracelet

While some might think that bracelets are just for girls, this baseball string bracelet is great for boys. Plus, you only need 2 things for this craft: a baseball and a Xacto knife. For the part of the cutting, you might want to help your teenager to avoid any problems.

All you have to do is to cut near the stitches and ripe the leather material off the ball. Don’t cut on the stitches because you are going to use them later. After you got the material out, you need to keep only the part with the stitches. Cut the remaining part in 2 so that you can make 2 bracelets out of one ball. Usually half of the material is enough for the risk of a teen. Make sure to measure his wrist to see if it will fit.

The next step can be made by him without your supervision. All he has to do is to pull on both ends of the strings and tie them together. At the end, he will get a super bool bracelet made out of a baseball ball.

3. Duck Call

Also known as the neighbor annoyer, the duck call is an interesting craft that your teen can do in just a minute. This is by far the easiest DIY craft for teens. Another important thing is that he will only need a regular straw and a scissor. You might hate this DIY craft because it can be very noisy, but your son will definitely love it.

All he has to do is to flatten the straw at one end. He can also rub the straw on the edge of the table. After the straw is flat at one end, he needs to cut a point in the end of the straw. Cut both of the edges and at the end, he will have a sharp end and a regular end of the straw. Use the sharp end to blow. He will need to blow pretty hard to make it sound.

Hope we enjoyed the crafts we prepared for this article. Show them to your teen and ask him if he wants to try them out with you one day. This way, you will make sure that he loses interest in computer games and that he uses these crafts outside, in the yard to enjoy a bit of sun. If you

both enjoy doing these crafts, you might want to check out the internet for more projects you can do together.

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