Why Studying a Master’s Degree Is Still an Option For Parents

Having children can be hard work and time-consuming, but it is also the best role in the world. Just because you have had children, this shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. In fact, you should use your children as motivation to get the best life possible for them and climb that career ladder! If there is a degree that you wanted to study but you never got chance to do it before having children, this doesn’t mean you cannot start now. Here is how you can still study and be a parent.

Online Degrees

Online degrees give busy parents an easier option to study whilst juggling work and family life. They are completed online, meaning you do not have to worry about traveling to university and getting the kids up and off to school, and you can study full-time or part-time, depending on how many hours you will be able to spare in a week. Online degrees such as masters in social work online give you complete flexibility, meaning you can sit down at the end of a night and do an hour or two of work. Gaining a degree as a parent has never been easier.

Why Study a Masters Degree?

There are many reasons to study a master’s degree, including further advancing your career. If you wish to climb the career ladder and earn more for the family, a master’s may get you into higher paid roles and managerial positions. This is great if your children are starting at school and you are looking at going back to work full time. It also shows your employer that you are still dedicated to your job. Many parents feel having a baby will mean losing their career, but this does not need to be an option. With a master’s degree, you can still be learning and advancing your knowledge.

How Can I Juggle Everything?

Studying and juggling everything else that life throws at you can be hard. It is best to talk to your family and friends first and build a support system. If you have friends that have children, perhaps they’d be kind enough to do the school or nursery run one day a week so that you can study. One day a week could be when the children visit grandparents or aunties and uncles. There are ways to work around you and your busy schedule if furthering your education is what you really want. Case Western Reserve University offers an online MSW for those looking to further their social work career. Plan each week around when you will fit in time for studying. You can be smart about it, perhaps take the children for a day at an indoor play area and whilst they are running wild, you can catch an hour or two of study.

Having children doesn’t mean your education must stop. Furthering your career and education is always an option as a parent.

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