Housewarming Prezzies People Will Fall In Love With

 At some point or another, someone in your life is going to move home, someone that you like-slash-love enough to go, “oh, jeez, I need to go and get them a housewarming gift.” It could be your eldest daughter has just graduated from college and has gotten her first job in the city. It might be that your parents are downsizing because you and your siblings have fled the nest. Perhaps your bestie and her significant lover have just bought their first home together.

Whatever the case, picking a house-warming gift is no easy feat. You want to get your loved one something they will actually love and use, not just any old something because you feel obliged to get them something.

This is tricky. It’s super tricky. Since you cannot just scan the QR Code and get a great gift list,  we’ve pulled together a list of housewarming gifts people actually want. No fake thank you’s and not glaringly obvious fake-smiles, just genuine over the moon gratitude. That’s the aim of the game here.

  1. Piece Of Pie Password

When you move into a new home, there is a bunch of alien things that follow suit, such as the need for a whole new internet, and thus a whole new password, one that is pretty much impossible to remember. That’s why you should get their Wi-Fi password made into a QR Code and then popped into a frame or two that they can put around their house. That way, any time a guest comes over and asks what their password is, they can just point at their mantlepiece.

  1. Tons Of Tea To Try

If there is one thing everyone loves, it’s tea. You can’t go wrong with tea. However, you can’t just give someone a box of Target home brand tea for a housewarming gift because that’s a bit rubbish. The answer: get them a yummy tea sampler. That’s right. Get them a variety of fresh tea’s so that they can enjoy something different every day for a month or so. Blackcurrant tea. Green mango and peach. Ginger and lemongrass. White ginger and pear. There are so many out there to choose from and they will each earn you some mega brownie points.

  1. Not Just Any Olive Oil

When you cook anything, there is one ingredient that always gets a look-in and that’s olive oil. It’s the unsung hero of every meal. Using this sage piece of advice, try buying a couple of really-really nice bottles of olive oil as your housewarming present. We’re talking $30 a bottle kind of stuff. We’re talking Olio Santo Extra-Virgin Olive Oil by Williams-Sonoma. It’s the sort of gift that everyone will appreciate. It’s the sort of thing everyone wants but no one can bring themselves to buy and that’s what makes it a great choice.

  1. A Set Of Succulents

When it comes to obvious housewarming gifts, flowers have to be up there. A big, bouquet of fresh blooms. It’s the go-to gift. That’s the problem, though. It’s what everyone will give. Not only that but they’ll be dropping leaves within three days. Our advice: buy them a set of succulents, something that will give their home a breath of fresh air for months and months and months. Aloe Vera. Zebra and Panda plants. String of Pearls and Ponytail Palms. They’re all great options to give out as gifts (and that’s because they hardly require any watering whatsoever).

  1. Opt For Some Art

You’re absolutely spot on. This is a seriously high-risk game to be playing. Everyone has hugely different tastes when it comes to art, so what you may love someone else may loathe, meaning it will go in the attic the second you close the door behind them. That’s why you should be funny about it and get them a frame with the words ‘still saving for my van gogh’ in it. Think of it as a humorous placeholder that will crack a smile for the time being.

  1. Tool Kits Are Terrific

Every new home needs to house a basic toolkit. This isn’t partly because emergencies always happen and partly because they will probably want to make some home improvements at some point along the line. So get them a toolkit. Get them something with a big tape measure to help them buy new furniture that fits, a hammer for everyday whacking, a Stanley knife, little-level, long-nose pliers, screwdrivers of every type and all those little mechanic bits that always come in handy. Trust us, you’ll go up big time in their books if you get them a toolbox.

  1. A Couple Of Cookbooks

There are cookbooks that simply confuse wannabe cooks and there are some that are genuinely helpful. It’s the latter kind that you want to get your hands on, wrap up nicely and then handover as a gift. The issue is picking the right ones. Our advice: go online and get something like The Smitten Kitchen, Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients, My Family Cookbook, Stir Crazy, The Savvy Cook or The Little Paris Kitchen. These aren’t just packed full of mouthwatering dishes, they’re dishes anyone can cook. That’s the trick.

  1. A Piece Of Protection

We’re not suggesting anything untoward here. We’re suggesting you go above and beyond and get them a year’s supply of home insurance. There are so many things that need to be thought about when moving into a home, and a warranty is one. We hope it never happens, but there are things that their home will need protection from. You might know they have precious jewelry, or maybe they’ve moved to Florida and you’re concerned of the weather impact on appliances and things, or it could just be that you had a bad experience with a burst pipe. Whatever it is, you can guarantee your house-moved loved one will be over the moon at such a gesture (while you’ll be safe in the knowledge they are all looked after). It’s a winner.

  1. Kitchen Gizmos They’ll Love

The kitchen is still the hub of every home. It’s the heart of the house. That makes a kitchen gadget a great road to go down when it comes to picking up the perfect housewarming gift. The trick is getting something that will be used a lot and not just take up space in a drawer. A spaghetti loop, an apple divider, a NutriBullet, hand blender, cast-iron griddle pan, Aeropress coffee maker, wine decanter, or garlic twister. It could be a heavy-duty corkscrew, a whisk-wiper, coffee machine or waffle-iron. There are so many amazing options out there for you to choose from it’s incredible.

  1. Shower Speakers Rock

It’s a well-known fact that everyone sounds good when they sing in the shower. It’s science. Seriously. Even that tone-deaf nephew of yours sounds like Frank Ocean when he steps through the glass door and turns the shower on. That’s what makes a portable and waterproof speaker such a great buy. It will let them blast out their favorite shower songs and show the world what a talent they have – even if it is limited to a water-based confined space. What’s more, you can pick up really good ones for not a lot of money. Less than the price of that olive oil we mentioned.

  1. Wonderful Wall Outlets

We know this may sound like a really odd thing to say, but you should buy a few new wall outlets. Yup. that’s right, wall outlets. But don’t just go and get any old wall outlet because that will only be met with a look of total confusion. However, if you buy a couple of wall outlets that have USB sockets built into them. These are godsends for the modern home. They are something none of us will be able to live without in the not so distant future and that’s because having a phone charger perpetually taking up a space on your outlets is annoying. So change their lives with a modern wall outlet.

  1. A Myriad Of Mugs

Everyone has that one mug in their cupboard that they need to drink from. Even if it is dirty, they’ll make the effort to clean it out rather than use a different one and that’s because every other mug in their cupboard was either free with an Easter Egg or given out at some networking event they went to as part of their job. So, to remedy this, buy them a few mugs, but ones that absolutely scream them. Ones that will make them chuckle. Ones that they will want to show off for whatever reason. It will change their lives in the best way possible.

  1. Better Than Tupperware

Tupperware tubs are a big part of every household. The issue is, well, they get all mismatched and you can never find the right lid to go with the right box and all that. Well, there is a solution, and a beautiful one at that: they’re called stoneware bowls with storage lids. Not only do they look amazing, they’re also safe to be used in microwaves and dishwashers. It’s a total win.

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