7 House Chores That You Want To Tick Off Your “To Do” List

Spring has finally sprung and with brighter mornings and evenings, warmer days, and a whole new attitude, you may find that you are full of fresh motivation to start making some changes to your home. Many of us love the idea of a fresh home for spring and summer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you complete a full renovation, although many people like the idea of taking on renovations projects at the time of year, but it does mean that you can start to tick off the long overdue jobs that have been waiting for some attention. I thought I would share seven with you to get you started.

Roof repairs

After a harsh winter you may have found that your roof took a bit of a beating. Perhaps you noticed a leak or maybe that your home wasn’t warming up as quick as it should be. This is when you may need to have some repairs done. Companies like Mr. Roof can have these sorts of jobs handled within hours, leaving little or no disruption to your day. It may seem like a big job, but overall many roof repairs are quite simple to fix.

Clearing out the gutters

During the fall and the winter, your gitters can collect a lot of debris including fallen leaves and they can suddenly become blocked or less effective. Which means that the spring and summer months give you the ideal opportunity to get them cleared out for good. It can be quit a labor intensive job to tackle, but so worth it in the long run.

Cleaning the windows

Whether you live on a busy road or out in the country, your windows can get extremely dirty on the interior and the exterior. Many people have a specified window clean who does a ound, who may clean the exteriors every few weeks, but the interior would be down to you and often this isn’t a job that you will do too often. However, once they are clean you will notice a big difference to how your home looks and feels.

Decluttering your home

We can all be a little guilty of hoarding things and not tidying them away properly. So it may be the ideal time to start decluttering your home. Whether its clothes you no longer want or need, ornaments that you have fallen out of love with or a build up of papers and magazines that you are yet to recycle, decluttering can be very therapeutic and great for your home.


Spring cleaning ready for summer

Much like decluttering can be a mission, so can the spring cleaning of your home. Many of us get this new found motivation to clean our homes at the time of year. It might be the sun shining through the window that highlights dust on furniture or simply you just want to spruce things up and focus on a deeper clean than your usual weekly job. It can be a hard task to overcome, so the best advice would be to split it into separate jobs and to have alsit to keep you on track. Overall, you will then be able to completely everything you wanted to.

Cutting back overgrown trees

Trees can get extremely overgrown, and during the fall and winter months you may have ignored the issue. But now the weather is getting better it is now the ideal time to get your hedge trimmers out and your cutters, and cutting back anything that is overgrown or isn’t healthy anymore. It could make the world of difference to your front or back yard. Furthermore, tidying debris away like fallen leaves or branches can also make a big difference.

Maintaining the garden

Finally, you may want to look at the possibility of getting your garden sorted now that the weather is nicer. Cutting the lawn back and giving it some tlc with a lawn feed and water. Maybe your flower beds need some attention as weeds can really hit them hard during the fall and winter when you can’t get out there to remove them. It could even be the ideal time to plant some new flowers or blooms ready for spring and summer. Your garden can look very dishevelled coming out of winter, so spending some time sprucing things up will not only help it to look good once more, but it also encourages you to be outside. Giving you motivation to sit out when the weather does warm up properly.

I hope that these tips help you get cracking with your household chores this spring.

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