Useful Tips for Cleaning the Bathroom


Many people spend a lot of time cleaning the kitchen and the living room, only because these are the places that are often seen by people visiting your home. The bathroom is often ignored. That being said, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll share with you some of the easy tips and tricks to keep the bathroom clean.

Use Baby Oil

For stand alone tubs, or even in any other type of bathtub, one of the most common problems is soap scum, which often collects on the side. An easy trick to get rid of the latter is to use baby oil. Combine four parts of water with one part of any branded or generic baby oil. Transfer it to a spray bottle and apply on the bathtub. Leave it for quite a while, providing enough time for the mixture to rest on the soap scum. Finish by wiping it off with a clean rag and rinsing.

Use Lemon Juice

This can be useful when cleaning bathtubs or freestanding sinks from Badeloft. The acidity in the juice is basically the one that is responsible for making it effective in the removal of stain. Combine lemon juice and borax. Put a mixture into a sponge and rub the stain that is visible. Apply enough force to remove the stain. Be sure to use a soft sponge so as not to scratch the material of whatever it is that is being cleaned.

Use Cola

The cola that is being cooled in your fridge does not only make a refreshing beverage, but can also be used for cleaning the toilet bowl. All that you have to do is open a bottle or can of cola and have it emptied on the bowl. Leave it for about one hour, scrub, and flush. The cola has ingredients that can help to loosen the stain on the bowl, which results from hard water used when flushing.

Use Baking Soda

In one article from Reader’s Digest, the use of baking soda was recommended as one of the best ways to make the bathroom tiles spotless. Create a cleaning paste by mixing baking soda, borax, and water. Once the desired consistency is achieved, put a small amount of the solution in a toothbrush and scrub the bathroom floor. Finish it off by rinsing with water.

Use Vinegar

Another common household item that will prove to be useful when cleaning the bathroom is a vinegar. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water. Place it in a spray bottle. This is going to be a

multipurpose cleaner that will work in tiles, sinks, and bathtubs, among other things. Be sure to let it sit for a while before having it rinsed.

In sum, cleaning the bathroom does not need to be a difficult undertaking. The materials needed are pretty much basic and they are available in the kitchen. It does not require too much time and effort on your end.

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