Happy Easter from Peeps

It’s Easter time!  One of the sweet treats that has become synonymous with Easter is the Easter Peep!  When I was a kid, there were 2 questions to answer when it came to Peeps:  Chicks or Bunnies?  Yellow or Pink?  Personally I loved the yellow Peeps, as yellow was my favorite color!  (This means my older brother got all the pink Peeps! Haha!)  And I also preferred the Bunnies.

But now there are so many more choices!  For example, you can now get your Peeps in yellow, pink, purple, green, or blue!

They also make the Peeps in a variety of flavors.  There’s a Fruit Punch flavor that is just awesome!  And they also have a delicious Coconut Flavor dipped in chocolate, as well as blueberry, strawberry, and even birthday cake flavor! Till these came out, I’d never had a marshmallow infused with flavor, but now that I have, I definitely recommend them!

With so many Peeps to choose from, it is easy to find a Peep for every “peep” on your Easter basket list!

And while you’re shopping for Easter candies, be on the look out for Mike and Ikes in the Easter variety package and Mike and Ike jellybeans! Yum!  Happy Easter!

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