5 Trending Wedding Cake Ideas


Just like any other aspect of a wedding, wedding cakes tend to have trendy designs that come and go. The wedding cake is the center piece of your entire reception, so it is important for it to have some stylish flair. Check out these five wedding cake ideas that are trending for 2018.

1. Painted Cakes

In the past few seasons, there has been a significant increase in watercolor designs. The gentle hues and brushstrokes of edible paint on a smooth coat of fondant can make a wedding cake truly stand out. A nice thing about this design trend is that it can easily be adapted to any size and shape of cake. Because of this, as you can imagine, the price is suitable for any budget. Check out CakesPrices for more info about round, inch or square types of cakes. The biggest trend for the painted cakes are ones with sketchy vines of flowers and leaves twisting around the cake. Hand painted floral patterns are trendy because they match the wedding trend of hand embroidered floral patterns on dresses. This artistic and romantic look is perfect for a garden wedding. Ombre cakes with soft brushstrokes and feather shapes are another way to try out this trend.

2. Naked Wedding Cakes

The rustic wedding style is still going strong, so plenty of brides and grooms are going for “naked” cakes. You still get plenty of yummy frosting in between each layer of the cake, but the top and sides are bare. These cakes look best in tall, towering tiers. They are ideal for couples who want lower cakes prices since they are less time consuming to make. Though naked cakes have been around for a while, the new trend is to select this design for wedding cakes in unusual flavors. The bare sides make sure that the colorful and unique cake is the star of the show. Popular flavors include blueberry, blood orange, red velvet, confetti, or other flavors that have fun hues. You can add further decoration with garlands, fresh flowers, or fresh fruit around the cake.

3. Feather Cakes

Also called brushstroke cakes and Kalabasa cakes, this style has been taking Instagram by storm lately. It consists of a cake decorated with thick sprays of feathery looking chocolate. They seem to have originated with a small Russian bakery, but it is now one of the biggest cake trends of the season. A brushstroke cake is a great option because it allows your cake’s decorations to be made from chocolate instead of fondant. The feathery designs can easily be made in any color or size, so you can find natural looking cakes covered in tiny feathers or cakes with thick strokes of feathers that look like abstract art.

4. Geometric Designs

Fruit and flowers are not the only popular wedding cake ideas at the moment. A relatively fresh and modern trend is the geometric designs. These are a great opportunity because they work with any wedding colors, and they nicely match the industrial trends in design

lately. You can find geometric designs made from edible paint, piped icing, fondant, or even airbrushed stencils. Hexagons, triangles, and diamond shapes are particularly popular geometric shapes, but you can also find ones with more abstract trapezoids, chevrons, and lines.

5. Metallic Color Cakes

The metallic trend first got its start around the edges of those geode cakes that were popular last year, but this year it is even bigger. Many cake designers are now creating cakes that look almost entirely metallic. Gold is the most popular shade right now, but copper, silver, and even brass is starting to gain traction as well. This trend is great for brides who want plenty of glamour and sparkle at their wedding. You can use metallic accents on a relatively traditional cake, or you can pair them with a more experimental design. One of the favorite ways to try out the metallic trend is to gently dust the cake with a scattering of edible silver or gold leaf for an iridescent look.

Any one of these trendy wedding cake ideas is sure to impress the guests at your weddings. These designs are all extremely versatile, so they work well for many styles and sizes of weddings.

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