5 Must-Haves to Keep in Your Guest Room

When travelers are on the road and away from home, the room they rest their heads in can make the difference between a good and bad vacation. By taking a little bit of time and effort to consider the comfort of your guests, you can make a name for yourself as the host with the most by including some simple amenities that won’t break the bank!

Whether you have Airbnb lodgers checking in for the night, or friends and relatives visiting in from out of town, you can offer a comfortable and tranquil experience with these five must-haves to ensure a good night’s sleep in any guest room.

Ease Minds and Senses with an Essential Oil Diffuser

Investing in a diffuser is a great way to add a little luxury at a super affordable price, and most come with lighting options to custom-create any atmosphere. Be sure to include a few essential oils to choose from, depending on your guests’ mood. Lavender is great for relaxing, citrus blends make for a wonderful way to start any day, and cedarwood can create an earthy, grounded feel for weary travelers just looking to kick their feet up and relax in an unfamiliar place.

Offer Optimum Comfort with Bamboo Sheets

What’s better than slipping into a set of clean sheets at the end of a long day? Not much, which is why keeping a full set of bamboo sheets in your guest room will make for an awesome stay, every time. Super soft, temperature regulating (they stay about three degrees cooler than your classic cotton,) the power of naturally hypoallergenic and odor-resistant bamboo viscose makes an ideal option for any overnight stay, and supports sustainable practices, to boot!

Go Full-Blown BnB with Fresh Flowers

Walking into a room containing fresh flowers is a welcome sight for most eyes, and makes for an added detail almost any guest can appreciate. A tall, thin vase holding even a handful of seasonal blossoms not only shows your guests that you care about their experience, but adds an extra bit of assurance that cleanliness is a priority for you. Can’t keep up with rotating fresh florals? No problem! Place a potted plant by a window to bring a little life into the room without worrying about triggering anyone’s allergies. Easy-to-keep varieties include jade, spider plants, and pothos or other leafy ivys.

Think Ahead with Extra Towels

There’s nothing worse than having to reuse the same wet towel, so providing your guests with a few warm and fluffy options can make all the difference in an overnight stay. Look for cute

storage options to refill as needed, like a wall mounted towel rack, a wicker or woven basket, or repurposed wooden crates, to turn a basic necessity into a creative design concept that’s pleasing to the eye.

Pay Attention to Detail with a Waste Paper Basket

OK, we realize this one isn’t terribly exciting, but if you’ve ever been forced to collect a few day’s worth of garbage in an old plastic grocery bag hanging off a doorknob, you’ll understand the appeal! Part of entertaining guests is making a space that feels like home, and having a proper receptacle to throw any garbage away in will offer a sense of normalcy in a new surrounding, and leaves visitors with one less thing to worry about. A small, metal option will get the job done, and goes with the decor of just about any room.


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