5 Interesting Ideas To Prepare Your Home For Spring


When it comes to carrying out home maintenance chores, you might call yourself a clean freak. However, there comes a time when the corner shelves deserve to be dusted but didn’t get much of your attention in the winter months. Perhaps, the winter blues hadn’t let you move a step ahead.

But now, it’s that time of the year when you should get moving and spread the spring vibes!

Undeniably, the best place to welcome the cheerfulness of the season is your own home. Preparing it for spring isn’t only refreshing, it helps you maintain your house throughout the warmer months of the year.

Ready to begin?

Let’s explore each idea that helps freshen up your home for spring.

  1. Deep Clean The Entire House

Don’t feel like scrubbing the floor in those dark winter months? If you’re one of those who couldn’t perform much of the cleaning chores because you were desperately waiting for the sunshine, let’s admit this: your house needs a deep cleaning.

So, before you head out to buy the bright-hued cushions you saw online, make sure the living room is clean enough to welcome these accessories. Start off by cleaning the couch.

If your living room is filled with wooden furniture, it’s the right time to get rid of termites. However, the termites may not be visible to you. Therefore, it’s wise to consult Delsea Termite & Pest Control so they can spot them right away.

2. Spruce Up The Home Décor

What could be the best season to add the freshness of colors to your home? Spring, of course. Though the answer is self-explanatory, you should choose the perfect hues wisely. After all, you’re giving a warm welcome to spring.

Begin by making little changes to the kids’ room. Choose tangerine as it’s one of the coolest colors for spring. However, don’t assume tangerine should be splashed throughout each wall of the kids’ room. To create a balance, repaint only a single wall with tangerine (instead of all the walls). Align the theme by adding an orange storage cube, a cute lamp, or an area rug.

Once the kids’ room is done, it’s time to make changes to your bedroom. This doesn’t require you to invest in an all-new furniture, though. Just replace the two things and you’re all done with the spring makeover of your bedroom: the curtains and the bed sheet!

3. Check Your HVAC System Before Turning It On

Debris and dust accumulated within the filter may affect the functionality of the HVAC system. To expect efficient cooling, replace the filter as you start the AC unit after several months. If it doesn’t perform as required even after changing the filters, a detailed inspection of ductwork leaks is required. To make it a breeze, get help from the HVAC Contractors.  

4. Polish the Fireplace

In winters, sitting in front of the open fire made you feel warm and comfortable. Now that the usage is over, it still requires your attention. Call the chimney sweep so you can get rid of the ash. Next, use a wax-based black graphite polish to renew the grate.

5. Pressure-Wash The Patio

Do you often dream about inviting friends over for outdoor tea parties, summer barbeques, and tantalizing feasts – all arranged in your garden?

If yes, the first thing to bring back in shape is the patio and paved areas as bacteria and moisture can cause the buildup of algae and moss. To clean the paving, try pressure washing. Though this is a popular method to bring back the shine of the patio, you should use it with caution – especially if you’re a first-timer.

If used correctly, the high-pressure water will clean the surface within a few seconds while removing the dirt. As you begin pressure washing, try it at the corner paving. Once you’re used to handling the pressure washer, you can easily clean the entire patio with it.


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