3 Tips to Define Your Interior Design Scheme

When you buy a new home, you are given the opportunity of starting a fresh start. It’s an exciting time, and to help you on your way, here are 3 tips to ensure that you make the right interior design choices.

Your Lifestyle

How you live your life should dictate how you present your home. You need the choices you make to help you to achieve your lifestyle, and not hinder it. An example being if you enjoy watching television; you will want to create a cozy snug to watch it in that has comfortable sofas to lounge on. Or, perhaps you like reading? In which case, you will need a lighting solution that enables you to illuminate the pages of the book clearly. Think about how you want your home to work for you before you make any big decisions.

Your Furniture

Furniture that may have worked well in your previous home, may not quite hit the mark in your new one. You will have several key pieces that you are keen on, or may even have sentimental attachment to, but there will be others that no longer fit the bill. It may be a case of upcycling furniture that you have – paint them, change the handles, or reupholster chairs in a different fabric to suit your new scheme.

Just remember that sometimes less is more; you do not want your home to become filled with too much of one style. Intersperse modern designs with your older pieces to create a homely yet contemporary feel to your home; furniture stores such as YLiving feature contemporary classics that will inspire your style, and help you to develop your interior’s scheme intentions.

Consider the Orientation of Your Home

Depending on where you are buying your property, your preferences for how the property is orientated will change. For example, a location like Michigan is prone to long cold winters, so you would ideally have a south-facing property, while a home in hot Texas would benefit from being north-faced to reduce the effects of the summer heat. You may be wondering how this affects your interior design scheme, but the orientation of your house affects the amount of daylight that will enter each room, and the choices of color that will work best in your space.

Choose paints that will be complemented by the light – a color that looks great in a bright room will not achieve the same results in a dark one. It is best practice to avoid cool colors in notably dark rooms, and choose warm options to bring life into it. Paint the ceiling and the area inside the window white to reflect light into the rest of the room. Light rooms are far easier to choose a color for, so this is your chance to get creative! Finish off your rooms by painting the woodwork a crisp white to set off the colors that you have chosen.

Moving to a new house is an exciting time, and while you will want to make your mark on it straight away, it is always a good idea to live in it for a while to get a real feel for the property before you make any big ticket purchases or modifications.

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