Six Home Maintenance Jobs To Complete In Spring

Spring is round the corner and the days are at last getting longer. During the lighter months we start to look at our home in a different way, we start replacing the dark cozy corners of winter with fresh spring flowers, comfy throws are put into storage and warm reds and browns are replaced with fresh greens. In fact we start to embark on a flurry of spring cleaning! (It’s also a great time to start looking in to summer houses and vacation home options.)

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There are some areas of home maintenance which lends itself to spring, as well as the usual cleaning, decluttering and polishing.  Rather than haphazardly flitting from job to job, draw up a plan of action!

Check guttering and drainage

If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned and checked since autumn there is likely to be a build up of leaves and debris. Gutters can also suffer from damage caused by high winds, weight of snow and leaves or general deterioration. It’s important to keep your guttering in top top condition as faulty gutters can cause damp and drainage issues.

Check your roof for damage

During the winter strong winds can cause loose tiles and can even cause aerials to become unstable. Check that chimneys have not suffered similar damage. Damage to roofs will only get worse, so it is best to rectify the problem quickly. The last thing you want is a hefty bill due to leaks damaging the interior of your property.

Check garden structures

Sheds can take a battering in winter causing leaks and roof problems. Ensure that the roof felt is secure and that the shed remains watertight. A damp leaky shed will not help in the preservation of garden tools. Carefully check greenhouses for broken and loose glass.

If you have children, check their play area and equipment to ensure it remains safe for them to use.

Another garden safety check, is to ensure that any trees on your property have not become damaged in winter storms. You can get tree loppers here to help you cut down any precarious looking branches. A fallen branch or tree can cause an incredible amount of damage to structures, not to mention people!

Clean conservatories

If your conservatory isn’t used much in the winter it is susceptible to mould growth and windows inside and out can become grubby too. You can hire specialists to clean the conservatory for you which would be especially useful in reaching high roofs, or grab your rubber gloves and get scrubbing. A sparkling conservatory is an attractive addition to a home, a dilapidated uncared for conservatory – really isn’t! To allow you to benefit from your now sparkling conservatory all year round, you may want to consider the best insulation for conservatory roof and take a look at some of the products and conservatory insulation solutions that are now available.

Clean windows

One lovely aspect of spring is the appearance of sunny days. To let as much light as possible into your home, clean all windows inside and out. At the same time, clean window sills and doors. Your house will start to look fresher.

Do the garden

Spring brings new life in the garden as bulbs you planted last autumn spring to life. Don’t worry if the window for planting bulbs passed you by, as you can buy ready grown spring bulbs relatively cheaply from nurseries and supermarkets. A pot filled with spring bulbs placed at your front door will brighten up your entrance.

So now you’ve tackled the outside, it’s time to tackle your homes interior. Your house will be sparkly and spring fresh in no time at all!



  1. Great tips! Man, I wish we had a conservatory to clean, haha! I’ve just started my spring cleaning by having the carpets cleaned and going through the pantry, and I’ll have to add these tasks to my list as well. Thanks for sharing.

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