How to Make Your Home More Neighbor-Friendly

While there are many advantages to modern living, the world today makes it easy for people to become isolated. A recent study showed that 25 percent of Americans lack social support, while over half of all U.S. citizens report having no close friends outside their immediate family.

Needless to say, human beings aren’t meant to live in social isolation. We thrive off the contact of others, are healthiest and happiest when part of a community, and above all, we crave meaningful interaction. If modern life is making us lonely, it’s time we dedicate more time and energy to our friends and neighbors. Here’s how you can create a neighbor-friendly home and open your doors to a more sociable way of life.

Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

To be a good neighbor, you should keep the outside of your home looking smart. You don’t want your house to drag down the value of other properties on the block or create an eyesore. Keeping your grass trimmed, planting flower beds and trimming your hedges will make you an instant favorite among your neighbors. You should also make sure that no tree limbs, shrubs, or weeds invade anyone else’s yard, and that you don’t leave toys or pushbikes lying around outside.

Increase Seating Options

To make your home more neighbor-friendly, you should have enough seating options to accommodate guests. Aim to offer a couch, a couple of armchairs, and an ottoman that can be used as a seat. Be sure to make your seating options look and feel inviting by adding plenty of comfortable cushions. If you don’t have much space, you could opt for smaller furniture (such as a loveseat rather than a couch) or lay an area rug stacked with comfortable floor cushions.

Keep it Cozy

It’s important to create a welcoming space if you want your neighbors to feel comfortable, so spend some time arranging your furniture and lighting accordingly. If you have a fireplace or another feature that isn’t your television, angle your seating towards it and hang a large light above the space; these modern dining room chandeliers are perfect for illuminating a room, and YLighting have a large selection from a variety of brands, such as Moooi, NEMO and Marset. You can also add floor lamps, candles and string lights to bring a warm glow to your home. Don’t forget to decorate with soft blankets and cushions to help your guests feel more at home.

Be Ready for Guests

Make sure you’re always ready for unexpected visits by keeping your fridge and pantry stocked with essentials – you want to be the person they can rely on to provide a cup of coffee when they’re in need. Better yet, next time you cook or bake something, make extra so you can drop some off to your neighbors. Taking a batch of freshly baked cookies to the house next door is a great way to get in your neighbor’s good books or welcome a new resident to your block.

Whether you want to make new friends or simply be a better neighbor to the local residents, the key is to create a welcoming space where guests feel comfortable. Ultimately, your home is a reflection of your personality, and the more accommodating you make it, the more your neighbors will want to visit.

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