5 Tips to Fixing Your Roof on a Budget

Every household owner can agree that one of the most common and persisting problems in their home are roof damages and leaks. First of all, roofs are hard to reach and one would need to be careful in accessing their roof because aside from the height, a simple misstep could cause further damage. Secondly, finding the specific location of the damage or leak can be very frustrating and time-consuming. And finally, fixing the damaged roof or covering the leaks can be as equally hard and confusing.

If you are having similar problems with your roofs in your houses, then you are probably thinking of hiring a professional helper to do the inspection and subsequent fix to your roof. Yes, it might be the best and easiest way, however, if you don’t have enough money to cover the expenses and materials then you might want to check out our 5 expert tips on how to fix your roof on a tight budget.

  1. Pinpoint the specific location of the damage or leak on your roof

As mentioned above, finding the location of the leak or damage in your roof is very hard and time-consuming. However, if you just follow a simple accurate inspection procedure, then finding the leak or damage can be very much easier. To do this, you will simply need the help of a watcher for the leaks and a long water hose. Start from the valley and hip parts of your roof and slowly run down the water hose. As the water penetrates your roof, instruct your helper to watch out for the parts where the water leaks. Most common leaks are the gutter areas, flashing areas, and the valley areas. By doing this simple procedure in each section of your roof, you will eventually find and pinpoint the specific location of the damage or leak.

  1. Fix the damaged roof or leak yourself

Basically, every minor roof problem can be easily fixed with a simple shingle replacement or a water sealant. Replacing a shingle or tile roof and be very easy and self-explainable. For water leaks in your gutters and flashings, a water sealant can in most cases solve the problem easily. Take note that the earlier you fix the problem, the easier and cheaper it will be.

  1. Caution and safety is top priority

When accessing your roof for fixing or inspecting, always remember to be careful of your steps. Try to step on the areas where there are concrete or metal beams underneath the roof section for a stable footing. Your caution will also not just be your safety but also to prevent further damage to your roofs.

  1. Make it simple as much as possible

When doing the repairs yourself, only address the specific and recurring problem. Do not try to go out of your way and seal the entire flashing or gutter. Repairs will not restore your roof to their “brand new” condition, so always make the process simpler and only replace or seal the roofs that cause the leaks.

  1. Call for help if things worsen

Finally, if things don’t go your way which is perfectly understandable, then make that phone call right away lest you cause further damage to your roofs which will definitely mean more expenses. There are leaks and damages that no matter how hard you try, only a professional hand will only be the one that can fix it, but hey, at least you tried.

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