Ideas to create a Bathroom Oasis for Two

When you share a home with a partner, it’s absolutely important to have a functional bathroom for the two of you. As well as having a functional space, an appealing and relaxing bathroom makes getting ready for the day or night so much better. Create a bathroom oasis that accommodates both of your needs and styles. This way, sharing a bathroom won’t be such a stressful experience—it might even be pleasant, dare we say!

First, set a realistic plan on what you can actually modify in your bathroom. Is the space big enough to fit in new bathroom vanity cabinets? Does the current plumbing affect any of the upgrades you might be thinking of? And of course, you’ll have to crunch some numbers to see if your budget can afford you everything that you want to change. Once you’ve got your planning done, it’s time to start designing your ideal bathroom.

Double Bathroom Vanity Cabinets for Two

It can be tricky to store all of the needs of two people in one little cabinet. So, it makes complete sense to choose double bathroom cabinets for ample storage. As your eye will likely be drawn to the cabinets when you first enter a bathroom, the cabinet design matters. You want to pick an appealing and durable design. Choose wooden bathroom vanity cabinets for a warm and classic look. For a more contemporary choice, go for highly durable glass cabinets. If you both share the same design and style preferences, venture off with vintage or metal cabinets. Otherwise, wooden cabinets are always a safe choice.

Pick a Luxurious & Durable Vanity Top

Having a sturdy and long-lasting vanity top definitely matters. With the high traffic and general wear and tear in the bathroom, you’ll want a vanity top that lasts for the long run. A cultured marble or granite vanity top will add a clean and luxurious touch to your bathroom. Make sure to get the correct measurements of your bathroom cabinets first before you settle on a vanity top.

Choose a Statement Mirror

With a double vanity, you have a couple of options for picking mirrors. A large mirror that extends to both ends of the vanity would open up the bathroom and make it look bigger. Choose one with a frame for a more ornate appearance, or keep it minimalist with a borderless mirror. Another idea is to install individual mirrors for each sink. If mixing and matching mirrors sounds good to both of you, hang mirrors of different sizes. Stick with one shape or design so that this idea looks cohesive, not random.

Brighten up the Space with New Light Fixtures

Brand new lights are sure to make a difference in how a bathroom looks and feels. Put in a long row of light fixtures right above the mirror and vanity. If you have individual mirrors above the double sinks, placing light fixtures on each side of the mirrors will look just as good. Consider a light dimmer to control the amount of lighting you need (and to not disturb your partner if you need to make a bathroom trip at night). Dimming the lights in the morning also helps your eyes adjust slowly when you get ready in the morning. And when you’re winding down for the night, dim lights should get you prepared for sleep.

Update the Shower Area

There are lots of things you can do to update your shower. Lay down new, sleek tiles for the walls and floors. Take out your old shower head and trade it in for a rain shower head. Install glass sliding doors. Sometimes even just doing a deep cleaning of your shower tiles, grout and fixtures makes all the difference.

Consider swapping out old and tired bathroom tiling for Wet Wall Panels. Wet wall panels are made from PVC and provide a  waterproof look for your bathroom in a stunning and seamless way. They can run from floor to wall and protect your bathroom from water damage and you don’t have to worry about refreshing or repairing any grouting as you would with tiles.

Don’t Forget About These Finishing Touches

Smaller details such as having fresh bath mats, towels and hanging up paintings shouldn’t be forgotten. There’s no point in having stunning bathroom cabinets and a shower when the towels and mats look worn out. Having little to no clutter helps make the bathroom look bigger and cleaner, too. Keep all the spare towels and toiletries in the cabinets and out of sight. Once you have everything put together to your tastes, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy sharing this space with your favourite person.

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