Oh Bug Off! How To Keep Your Home Safe From Infestation

Buying a home is simply one of the biggest decisions we make in our lifetime. It certainly is the most expensive one anyway. So it is understandable that once you get those keys in your hand, you move in and make the house your home, you want to protect it in every which way possible. However, while you can have precautions in place for natural disasters, keep your home protected with state of the art security systems, and even secure the perimeter of your home with fences and shrubbery, what about those unwanted visitors that you have no control over?

I am not talking about long lost friends turning up or your parents unexpectedly, the unwanted visitors no home wants is big, rodent or insect infestation, that is for sure. Rustling in your walls, finding dropping littered all around the home. Everywhere you turn you might see something out of the corner of your eye whizz past. It is disturbing. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can ensure you keep your home safe from infestation in the future.

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At the first sign of trouble seek out professional advice

One of the first things you should do if you have an inkling that there is an infestation already present in your home is seek some professional advice straight away. Hearing strange sounds is not a sign you are going crazy. Discovering nests and homes in loft spaces or in the cavity of walls is more common than people think, especially when you first move into a property that might have been empty for some time. Websites like pests.org are full of advice for helping you avoid or get rid of problems such as mice and rodents, insects and bugs. So seek out the professionals and even get someone into your home to try and rid the problem for good=

Be hygienic with food waste and rubbish in your home

It is all well and good trying to avoid the problem, but sometimes the obvious actions in doing this can come from you. A great tip is to be very aware of your hygiene in the kitchen areas. Rodents, mice and bugs look for the main principles of staying alive, which often means a place to sleep, food and water, much like us humans. So leaving out food overnight, not getting rid of food waste correctly, or even not being responsible for rubbish in your home and recycling accordingly, could cause more problems than you would like. Websites like myzerowaste.com have some great tips.  Also, consider Skip Bin Hire in Sunshine Coast.

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Seal any possible entrances

There are many ways in which mice, rats and bugs can get into your home. Some might be obvious while others may need you to hunt and think about a little more. First of all, your doors can be a big entrance for some of these pests, so ensure that you seal them up correctly. The main culprit is the gap between your door and the flooring inside your home, and some pest can really squeeze through this easily. Adding a door sweep is very easy, and can solve this problem without causing too much damage or upheaval to your home. You may also want to look around the exterior of your home looking for any cracks or holes in which something might be able to enter. Taking special attention to where pipes enter in your home as over time, gaps can form, and this is a direct entrance into the walls of your home. Sealing them up is a great way to also stop drafts. Finally, areas like chimneys and vents do need to stay open i admit, but there are mesh coverings you can use which stops things coming in, but allows air to ventilate.

Think about adding to your family

Finally, if you feel you have done everything you can to your home but would like some more protection, then you could consider adding to your family, and not of the bay kind. First of a all, a cat is a natural predator for things like mice and rats, and while you don’t want them chasing them around, having one in your home and garden could be enough to keep potential threats at bay. You could also encourage other natural predators into your garden like birds by adding a bid table or bath. Again, this could help you to avoid other things wanting to get closer to your home.

I hope that these tips and options help you to keep your home safe from infestation in the future.


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