10 Swimming Pool Ideas for Your Home

Remodeling your exterior can be a stressful but exciting project, as it gives you the opportunity to turn your yard into the perfect spot to unwind or entertain guests. Regardless of the reason for your remodel, this project is the perfect time to create the pool area you have always wanted. There is a lot of work the goes into high-end pool construction, and it all starts with picking the design of your pool area. The pool area designs range from an outdoor fireplace to a pool house. Whether you are relaxing after a long day or hosting a nighttime gathering, you can find a variety of luxurious designs that fit your lifestyle.

You can start designing your dream exterior by checking out the following swimming pool ideas.

Warm But Cool: There is nothing like an outdoor fireplace to keep you warm after an evening swim. Your pool area is complete with cool features such as a curved pool, water spouts and an outdoor living room. The fireplace ties the pool area and living room together to create a functional outdoor spot.

Simple Pool Upgrade: Are you looking to keep your pool upgrade simple? You can always install accent tiles in your swimming pool. It may seem like a small change, but the tiles add a charm that makes your swimming pool look brand new. Another simple yet effective upgrade to your pool to consider is the implementation of floating pool lights. Floatings lights can have a real transformative impact on your pool without breaking the bank. They are practical in that they will illuminate your pool for night time swimming but they also add a certain flair to your pool. They can add color to your swimming pool, which can be changed to your taste and floating pool lights can come in a variety of shapes, styles, and designs to suit your taste and needs.

Recessed Seating Area: This is a great idea for guests who want to stay dry as they mingle with other guests. A small path leads to the recessed lounge inside the pool, which features a cozy seating area and table for beverages. Everyone can spend time together without getting wet or sacrificing swim time.

Luxurious Pool House: Eliminate the need to walk through your home soaking wet by adding a pool house. You can use the pool house to dry off, change clothes and rest during the summer, and you may decide to convert it into a guest bedroom in the winter. Create a luxurious but cozy vibe by opting for a pool house made of timber beams and stone finishes.

A Natural View: If you love nature, create a view that allows you to relax as you go for a swim. Your pool is surrounded by trees and grass so you can enjoy a touch of nature, but the greenery is not close enough to disrupt your pool area with leaves, debris or mud.

A Tropical Environment: How would you like to create a tropical environment in your own backyard? Place several beach chairs around your traditional pool, and surround the pool area with gorgeous foliage. Use the foliage to create the beautiful scenery found in spots such as Florida or California.

A Different Shape: Stand out from the crowd by having your pool designed in a different shape. You may choose a heart or guitar shaped pool to match your personality, or you may want a pool with random curves throughout the design. This is a fun way to break away from the traditional round or rectangular shaped pool.

Stick with Tradition: Maybe you would rather stick with a traditional pool area after all. There is something about a traditional look that is both sophisticated and inviting. You can create a traditional pool area by sticking with a round or rectangular shaped pool, cozy seating areas and neutral colors. A Nighttime Swim: Do you enjoy going for a swim after dark? Maybe you are planning to host a nighttime pool party. You are going to need several LED multicolored lights in and around your pool area. This way, you are creating ample lighting for a nighttime swim without killing the mood.

Add Cascading Waterfalls: What could be more luxurious than a cascading waterfall in your own pool? Start with a multilevel, free form pool, and then add a waterfall to your stone surface. One idea is to add a dramatic effect with a vanishing edge or LED lights.

You can choose from a range of swimming pool designs, from a unique shape to recessed seating. Whether you are keeping it simple or breaking away from tradition, you are sure to come up with a pool design that fits your personality and overall lifestyle.

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