Smells Like Success: The Secrets Of Running An Aromatherapy Business From Home

If you love to help people and sooth away their stresses, aromatherapy is a great choice for a business that you can run from home. Aromatherapy is about working with essential oils to help improve the emotional and physical state of your client with all natural products that can lift mood, help concentration, and soothe them off to sleep, among other benefits. Of course, before you start in this area you need to know about essential oils and get stocked up with good quality supplies first. Something you can find out more about in the post below.


There is lots and lots of information on essential oils and aromatherapy out there, a great deal of it being online. However, while this is often a great starting point to spark your interest, you do have to understand that not all the information will be of the highest quality. That means some it of it could unreliable, and when you are dealing with people mental and physical health, this is something you must be very cautious of.

With that in mind, when you are just starting out it is best to invest in some of the better-known texts on the subject and always refer to those before treating anyone. It is also worth bearing in mind that essential oils can interact poorly with other medication that your clients are on, so it’s wise to educate yourself on the contraindications and well as the benefits before you begin.  

Practice and qualifications

You will also need some real life practice before you start your aromatherapy business, and having a qualification in the field as well will only serve to reinforce your credibility and get you more clients.

With this in mind, it can be very useful to take a practical or online course that insists you perform several real-world case studies before they award you your qualification.

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Regular supplies

Like any business, you will also need to get stocked up on the day to day supplies you will need for your aromatherapy treatments. Obviously, therapeutic grades oils will be first on your list, but you should also consider things like the digital tear pads that you can get at Got Oil Supplies business tools and download to your own computer. These are particularly useful because you can print them for your customers, allowing them to continue their treatment at home in between sessions.

One-off items

Apart from the day to day stock, you will need, it may also be worth investing in some one-off items for your business. A therapy couch can be useful if you are going to offer essential oil massage. An essential oil diffuser is another good purchase for your treatment room at home, or to take with you for the benefit of your mobile clients.

You will, of course, need all the more mundane stuff, like a laptop and printer, and once a year you’ll need to sort your business insurance too. Just to ensure that you are covered in all eventualities, and your aromatherapy business is a long-term success.

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