Ready-made Curtains and Roller Blinds that Give Windows a New Look 

New ready made curtains and roller blinds are easy to install and they will give the rooms in your home an updated look. New traditional and contemporary window coverings will complement any room with color and style. 


Curtains frame windows with color and help to block out the sun. They add a finished look to any room. But dusty, dirty old curtains do nothing to enhance windows. New curtains will perk-up and old room. 

Curtains come in many styles and lengths, as well as different colors and fabrics. They can be a solid color or a print. Lined curtains come in eyelet and pencil pleat styles. Thinner curtains, including string and sheers, come in the slot style.  Take a moment to look at the  price of ready made pencil pleat curtains.

Eyelet curtains that slide onto rods with metal-rimmed holes are increasingly popular. This style is easy to fit onto decorative rods in various diameters with attractive brackets and finials. These curtains are available in different sizes. They fold or stack back easily and can be tied back with a matching sash when they are open. 

The pencil pleat or French pleat style is applied to the curtain rod with hooks. They may require a pull cord to open and close. This style can also be folded back and tied with a decorative sash for a formal look. 

Ready-made eyelet and pleated curtain fabrics include 100% cotton and 100% polyester or cotton and polyester blends. They are also available in viscose and faux silk fabrics. Both pencil pleat and eyelet styles are usually available in thermal curtains in many popular colors and prints. Blackout curtains are also available. 

The curtain rod is pushed through a pocket at the top of a slot curtain. The slotted style favors lighter weight materials including voile in various colors and patterns. They can be purchased pre-made in different lengths and widths. These are sheer curtains that can be placed next to the window under eyelet or pencil pleat curtains. This gives a room a warmer look while offering versatility with two sets of curtains. 

Sheer curtains and the heavier eyelet styles come in shorter lengths as well as floor lengths. Sheer string curtains can also be used as room dividers. They offer a dramatic look when used over doorways. 

A curtain that is already made up to fit any window is easy to purchase online and hang in your rooms. There are so many colors and patterns available that you will enjoy finding the ones that fit your room.  

Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds in various colors and fabrics replace boring old shades on windows. The roller blinds cover the length and width of the window and do not extend to the floor like curtains. They protect against the sun and cold while making a room look neat and organized. Heavier blinds will hold in the heat or cooled air. 

Roller blind styles include a variety of contemporary prints and solids in standard window sizes. Dots, chevrons, floral prints, and many abstract designs are offered. Colors range from pale neutral tones to bright orange or blue. They are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.  

Roller blinds can be made of non-flammable materials which makes them an ideal choice for the kitchen. They can also be made from synthetic materials that resist bacteria, mold and fungus; perfect for the bathroom. 

Roller blinds are inexpensive and they do not require much maintenance. Dust and grime can be easily wiped away. They are easy to install and some roller blinds can be motorized. 

Many homeowners decorate with both curtains and blinds for different rooms. Curtains can be combined with blinds for a sophisticated finishing look.  

Blinds and curtains can be ordered online and delivered to your door, replacing your old and tired window treatments has never been quicker and easier. 

Ready Made curtains online come in standard sizes to fit most windows. You must take accurate measurements when ordering online, especially with Made to order styles. 

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