How to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible to Kids

Bathrooms are accident-prone areas, and they are even more hazardous to kids than they are to adults. To avoid freak accidents from happening, it’s best to plan years ahead of time the renovations you will have to make when you have little ones running around the house. 

 Don’t worry about the cost you have to spend to make the bathroom accessible to kids. There are more benefits to it than having your children adjust to the ways of adults. Here are some of the major considerations to make in improving bathroom accessibility. 


 Is your child able to reach the door handle? If not, you can set a small chair beside the door so they can reach it.  

 You can also put a permanent doorstop so they’ll have no trouble getting in when they need to use the toilet when you’re not there to help them out. 

 If you have extra funds, it’s better to replace the whole thing with a sliding door. It’s easier to use, and it keeps people from accidentally hitting other people in the face when they’re on the opposite sides of the door. 


 When you have kids, you’ll have to add more safety precautions and more effort in making the measures last.  

 Putting floor mats around the whole toilet will burden you with regular scrubbing off gunk and dirt, but floor mats give more grip, highly reducing the chance of slips and broken hips. If your kids get older and the floor mats become unnecessary, you can opt to use textured floor tile finishing for permanent use. 


 Toilet aids for children are widely available in the market. It’s up to you to pick one that is affordable, comfortable, and just the right size for your growing child.  

 Most toilets are still too high for toddlers. That’s why having a small chair ready beside the toilet will help them when getting up and down. 

 Alternately, you can assemble a small toilet for your young one. You can create a setup that uses the Saniflo SaniPACK, since they are well suited for temporary toilets. Setting up toilets like this costs less time and effort because there’s no need to break the floor or wall. Afterwards, when your child no longer requires his own toilet, the installation can be disassembled in a matter of hours. 


 Most American households have bathtubs, and kids just love to play in the water. For safety, install a grabber bar so they have something to secure them from going out of the tub. Also, provide children their own set of soap and shampoo if your soap rack is mounted way above their reach. 

 Last Notes 

 A bathroom is a place that provides comfort and sanitation. Making bathrooms accessible to children will surely help them become independent faster since they will need less help if everything is within their reach. Furthermore, providing better accessibility prevents accidents. 

 In addition, making bathrooms accessible to kids also makes it accessible to elderly and disabled people. Guests come unexpected, so it’s best that your bathroom is accessible at all times to people of all sorts. 


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