How To Choose The Right Seating For Your Living Room

When it comes to redesigning or styling your living room, nothing is more important than your seating choices. Every one of us is different, so it makes sense that we all have different needs and tastes when it comes to sofas and chairs. If you’re really scratching your head over what to choose, then work your way through this guide to help you find the perfect seats for your home:


Fit For Purpose

What do you use your living room for? That’s the first question to ask yourself when you’re about to buy a new sofa. If you spend an hour an evening in there with your feet up watching Netflix, then you should choose a recliner for comfort. Of course, if your living room is the perfect place for entertaining friends, then it makes sense to arrange the furniture for conversation. Maybe a corner unit or two sofas facing each other?

Arrange your seating for chat. Pic from Pexels


Perfect For Your Family

Dogs, cats, kids, and parties can all add a lot of extra wear and tear to your home. Leather and covered sofas are really easy to clean. You can wipe some leathers with a special antibacterial cloth for hygiene too. If your family love to cuddle up, then a cuddle couch or deep four-seater sofa could be a perfect choice. And if you love to curl up and relax in the evening, then a massaging rocker-recliner sounds ideal. Choose the sofa to suit the family sitting on it.

Family rooms offer extra seats and plenty of space. Pic from Pexels


Pick By Shape

For all you style gurus out there, the shape is going to be a big consideration. You might select a kidney shape like this elegant sofa, or you might be more interested in the angles and wings of the sixties style sofas. Cuddle couches have become really popular with those interested in design. They’re high backed with high sides but offer a lot more structure and shape than a standard sofa too. Arms or no arms? Legs or no legs? There has never been more choice for shape.


Shaping your space. Pic from Pexels


Pick By Color

Color in the living room is also important. While most sofas are simple tones and shades of the same base color, you need to make sure that fits with the bold accents you want for the room. Standard colors might be more affordable than bold choices in fabric. Most sofas either work neatly with the red side of the color wheel or the blue side.  Browns and creams can really pop with reds, grays and purples. But blues might be best for black or gray sofas. Take a chart with you when you buy so you can see where your sofa choice will work.


Is color important to you? Pic from Pexels


Pick By Size

Of course, not every living room is big. You might be shopping for a new sofa because you need an extra small size to fit in that nook. Fitting around other furniture, chimney breasts, doors, windows and radiators isn’t always easy. It’s best to double check your measurements. How do you design your living room? And what do you really look for in a great sofa?

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