3 Tips to Cleaning Your Home for the Holidays

Prepping your home for the holidays can be quite an undertaking especially if you have not taken the time to thoroughly clean and de-clutter prior to the season. The holiday season is extremely busy and it may be hard to find time to clean your home. Between the shopping, wrapping of presents, baking, and sending out holiday cards to loved one’s far away, the holiday season often leaves people feeling overwhelmed and stressed beyond measure. This year, be sure to take care of yourself and one way that you can do so is to be more efficient in your cleaning. This article will highlight a few tips that will help you be more efficient in your cleaning so that you can get your chores done in record time.

  • Make your home smell great. Did you know that much of what is associated with a clean home is the smell of the house? Have you ever walked into a home that smells of animal hair or one that smells musty? You most likely have an impression that the home is dirty even if it is spotless and clean. It is important that you make sure that your home smells naturally good instead of like animals, dust, or any other unsavory scent. The easiest way to do accomplish this is to burn candles or plug in air fresheners. A good smelling home goes a long way in the perceptions of having a clean house.
  • Clean your kitchen. In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the house. This is where the family gathers for meals and to chat while food is prepared. Cleaning off your countertops and around the sink can make your home appear clean. Make sure that you have washed your dishes and swept the crumbs up off of the floor. Light a festive candle to make the space smell extra warm and welcoming.
  • De-clutter. If there is one thing that you spend a great deal of time on, it should be de-cluttering your home. There are several reasons for this. With the holidays comes gifts, and with gifts comes more things to add to your home. If you have already gone through your home and de-cluttered, you will feel more organized in putting new gifts away. Otherwise it can be overwhelming to put new gifts away while sorting clutter at the same time.

Another perk to decluttering your home before the holidays is that it will make your home appear cleaner. While you may have stuff in stacks on the counter or papers piled in a corner in a basket, these things add to the overall ambiance of your home. If you were to take them out of your home, you would notice a difference. A small change such as recycling old newspapers and clearing out the magazines off of your coffee table can go a long way in the appearance of a clean home.




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