Finding Your Office Narnia – My Escape to the Smokey Mountains

Do you daydream at work? Do you get sidetracked thinking about your very own Narnia? Perhaps you wish you were at the beach or the spa, or just sitting at home relaxing on your couch.  The infographic below shows a few great escapes that just might tickle your fancy when it comes to thinking about your office Narnia.


I’m personally a homebody by nature.  When I’m working, I mostly think about spending time with my husband.  I think about us going out to one of our favorite restaurants or just sitting at home cuddling on the couch, but when I think of an actual escape, as in a romantic getaway, I like to think of us taking a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee or somewhere else in the smokey mountains.

Places to See

The Smokey Mountains are a beautiful place, especially during the fall when the leaves are turning and at Christmas time when the towns are decorated all in lights.  In Gatliburg, specifically there is a lot to do, from shopping and eating out to visiting places like the aquarium and the Ripley’s Museum.  In terms of the shopping and site seeing, it was one of my favorite vacation destinations when I was a kid.


Of course, I also love the idea of just being away.  With a hotel stay, we can enjoy just being in a different place where we don’t have to make up the bed, clean up after anyone, or deal with everyday life.  And if I get to choose the hotel, we’ll also have a breakfast buffet.  There’s just something about getting up and being minutes away from a cooked breakfast that I love.  And when I’m on vacation, breakfast is just the start of my food adventure.  As we walk or drive around any vacation town, I am constantly eyeing places to grab snacks or eat a meal.  I enjoy eating at all local places that we can’t have when we’re at home, but it’s also fun to eat at chain restaurants we don’t have in our immediate area.


In another scenario, I love the idea of skipping a hotel all together and renting a romantic cabin.  The Smokey Mountains are a beautiful place for nature lovers, and the mountains and wilderness are the perfect landscape for a number of cabins.  I’ve always loved country style houses and I especially love the look of a rustic cabin.  I’d probably live in one if I could!  A cabin offers you a relaxing retreat; it is essentially a home away from home, and the scenery allows you to have a very romantic view.

Cabins are generally equipped with a nice fire place. I love looking at fireplaces, and they are a great focal point for a romantic evening.  Most cabins also have a hot tub.  One key component to my romantic giveaway is a little relaxation.  I can’t think of anything better than relaxing in a hot tub!  It is like going a spa without having to actually go out to a spa.  And it is also a great way to set the mood for a romantic evening.

In terms of place to get away, relax, have a little romance, and perhaps share a few fun activities, The Smokey Mountains are the perfect vacation destination, and definitely one of the first places I think of when it comes to considering my office Narnia!  What do you think?

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